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Learn Spanish with 300 words

Welcome & thank you to all my new followers! In the past couple weeks I’ve gotten a lot of interest in my method for learning a language more quickly by focusing on 200 basic words, and several people have asked me about whether the list is available in Spanish.

For everyone who wants to learn Spanish: I’ve made a Memrise course, based on the 200 words method, that will get you started in Spanish. This course teaches you the most important vocabulary to know from the beginning: verbs like “want” and “think”, conjunctions like “but” and “because”, nouns like “people” and “something”, and more.

I’m a huge fan of Memrise, and I think that a Memrise course is a much easier way of learning the words than reading them from a list. I’ve also added some more words to the original 200, in order to cover a wider range of situations. (I’ll probably be updating the 200 words list soon with those words.)

If you’re learning Spanish or if you’ve been wanting to start, I hope you find the course helpful! Please send me any and all feedback. Compliments and criticism/suggestions are all greatly appreciated. :)


To create the works in his Down series, Kehinde Wiley borrowed poses from some of the most dramatic European paintings and sculptures of reclining or fallen figures. These titanic portraits, some as large as a billboard, complicate the notion of vulnerability and passivity often associated with recumbent figures. For Femme piquée par un serpent (2008) Wiley looks to Auguste Clésinger’s 1847 suggestive sculpture of a woman writhing in pain from a snake bite and replaces it with a young black man in casual clothing. Key changes in the pose and depiction of the figure in Wiley’s work—the figure is now male and clothed; the wrist, originally encircled by the poisonous snake, now lays easily over the platform; and the gaze is facing forward, staring directly at the viewer with coolly parted lips—imbue the figure with an agency combined with eroticism not evidenced in the source.

Posted by Adrianne Koteen