How to use color correctors!
Basically, to neutralize a color, you find it on the color wheel, and use the opposite color in place. Color correctors and neutralizers are found in foundations, concealers, makeup bases and sunscreens for the different skin tones and problems.

Here’s some common discoloration problems, and what colors will fix them:

- Yellow and Peach (depending on your skin tone): Yellow and peach (or salmon) corrects blue areas like bruises and dark circles. Peach also livens up fair skin tones, and balances out slight discoloration.

- Pink: Pink correctors neutralize greenish skin, green facial veins, etc.

- Green: There are many green based foundations and concealers (that require another layer of makeup to cover up the green). The green counters redness like blemishes, zits and flushed skin.

- Purple/Lavender: Purple neutralizes yellowish complexions and covers sallowness. It evens out overall uneven skin tone, and gives a healthy glow. This color is found in many makeup bases, to prep skin with a even complexion before makeup.

What do you think? If you have more information about products that neutralizes the colors share with me!



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