this morning I met the incredible brazilian artist @pacolli! she lives in sf now, a block from my hotel! it was fate. I’ve been inspired by her work for years, it feels so real and effortless and cool. I was so nervous to meet in person being such a fan but we talked about feeling like you just NEED to make, and being a person, and everything. I’m obsessed with her & meeting only reinforced that. you have to follow her, know her work, buy your favorites, and know that this is the real deal. I’m still beaming and we only met briefly for a studio visit and coffee. I’m pinching myself. this is what instagram & the internet is all about! #highinthebay

I need the power to stop this hot summer, so I could wear this awesome tshirt all the time non stop no pare sigue sigue. I love your art, @pacolli #HIGHintheBAY