Of Old Souls & Heaven On Earth 

An interesting time has come upon us. What interesting times we have gone through to date as human beings! There has been talk for many years about a new paradigm manifesting upon earth. And old souls have been assisting in bridging the gap between dimensions for so long. Trying to teach the formless to a world built on form. Us old souls have been way- showers for this new paradigm, we are consistently assisting others in gradually implementing a higher vibrational way of living into our own lives. Inspiring others without pushing or pulling. Going through our own activations and initiations long before this current life time, and continuing to upgrade our cellular structure the moment would call for in this present incarnation. We came here to do this. Let there be no mistake. This is our work, old souls.  
  We are the light houses of the earth. Grounding light frequency multidimensional wisdom on the earth base - planetary grid. Dispersing it evenly, in our own quadrant like pieces on a chess board, each holding our frequency strong, always looking forward, moving with grace and ease. Why are we so dispersed? It is needed to be this way, many old souls want to be together, and some are for periods of time. To have a shoulder to lean on. But trust in knowing that we need to be dispersed where the light is needed to enter, where balance is needed. This is for not only holding space for the shifting of humanity as a whole, but to balance out the very shifting of mother earth herself. Too much of any frequency in one place is enough to spark the shaking of the shift she is going through as a conscious sentient being. She needs the light in various places to ease her trembling.
This is part of your work old soul, to help the Earth mother release negative energy stored in her soil from traumatic past events. To help transmute the energy of the events that have occurred on earth through wars and other injustices. You are here to balance the energy, and release the pain and suffering for all the ancestors and yourselves from past life times. When humans loved the earth so much it was their only joy to live in harmony with her, knowing their bodies would return to her upon their physical death and their souls would return to the cosmos, and then back again if they wished. But there are those souls who wish to not follow universal law and try things out their way to use their power through malfeasance. But this is part of the experiment of the earth as a learning planet where everything is allowed.     I have traveled to where my intuition has lead me, to reopen the sacred universal energy at sacred sites, sometimes knowing it consciously, and sometimes realizing it after. Each place visited is then linked up through an etheric grid and the energy that the ancestors once had flowing in from the ethers is unblocked and can flow freely again. Much like the chakra or meridian points in your system, bringing attention to them unblocks them, so cosmic frequency can flow in once again. These sacred places were energetically “turned off” so to speak, by the people who came to your hemisphere seeking to own the land, rather than live in harmony with her. This has led to what you witness now, the control and manipulation you see happening. But it is not to be feared or hated, this is the opposite energy of what you want, and you are feeding it still by giving it any attention at all. The laws on earth were designed only by a few and will never over power the sacred laws of the universe, tried, tested and true for all of eternity.    So as old souls know, it is more effective to remain in a high vibration trusting, intending and praying and working with the cosmic law to steer the course of action. 1000 of us meditating would be a magnitude more powerful than 10,000,000 or more protesting with anger and fear based vibration. Stay in peace, stay in your true power that knows that there is higher law and order. Stand strong in your own vibration. In connection with source energy, continuously flowing with your psychic intuitive powers, embracing multidimensionality.
This is really the essence of this message, hold your own unique vibration strong as we step into yet another portal event, tuning the dial up another notch to allow more cosmic energy to flow into your system. So yes, some people feel frazzled, yes they feel chaos inside and don’t know quite what to do with these new energies, because many humans have never experienced this before. Many humans have been living a life that is not conducive to their own vibration, but a life that is based on a false idea of security created around external affairs.    More and more people are becoming turned on to the flow of cosmic energy, this awakening feeling that suddenly someone has taken off the blinders and people can see the world new again. What is key though, is to not stay in the vibration of fear, feeling hatred for the system… move beyond that, that is the key. Use your power to rise above it and create the world you wish to see! When there is no energy put into something how can it exist in your life? Put your full attention on healing yourself, coming to know yourself, and creating a world within yourself that has no chance but to manifest. Walk your talk.
This shift is coming slowly from a higher perspective, but the energy is indeed quickening. Higher vibrational energy moves at a faster vibrational rate. As the energy speeds up, time as you view it seems to speed up too. What once took 3 months could happen in a matter of days! Its incredible! The higher dimensions do not use time as we do. It is more used to experience different timelines and travel to certain points.
Humanity is stretching beyond anything it has ever experienced as a collective before. Enlightenment en masse is the forte. Experiencing multidimensionality in human form is the pinnacle of the soul’s experience in a human body, on the school of planet earth. Old souls are here on contract now to assist in this shift, having been around since before the beginning of human incarnation on earth, they know the original blueprint, as it is written in their DNA, and they carry the seeds of wisdom from the many lifetimes they have lived on this planet and within other plants, systems, galaxies and dimensions.    Sacred wisdom is returning and reopening on earth and humanity is realizing its own potential. Its an amazing time, a very intense time, and an exciting time to be on earth as there has never been a moment exactly like this, that so many souls have come to take part in. Our Pleiadian galactic kin and other love/light based star brothers and sisters, are assisting from the other side of the veil, as they have been through similar shifting and it is their pleasure to help. They reassure us of the grander picture, and assure us that everything is unfolding in divine accordance. 

Trust and surrender. Stand in your own truth and vibration. You can experience heaven on earth, whenever you wish.   ~Jillian Lavigne 2014 

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Life is what you make it. Life happens to everybody. What happens to you happens to everybody, that’s just 10%. The other 90% is how you react to the situation, thats life.

Life is what you make it. Life happens to everybody. We can either choose to make the best of it, or make the worst of it. We can either choose to be optimists, or we can choose to be pessimists.

Life is what you make it. Life happens to everybody. I want you to take the positive of every situation and embrace it with everything you have. I want you to take the negative and just let it go. Release it like a kid releases balloon; gone forever.

Life is what you make it. Life happens to everybody. Live everyday to your full potential. Don’t ever let something ruin your day. Accept what has happened and crush the negativity and let it go. Use your conscious mind to accept the negativity and let it pass. View your life from an outside perspective and realize how grateful and blessed you truly are. Take nothing for granted and love everybody. This is your life, make it a happy life filled with nothing but good vibrations.

Life is what you make it. Life happens to everybody..


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