A life-long Portland resident, Daniel Krow spent his teenage years playing in crust-punk bands, trying to get in an issue of Maximum Rock’n’Roll and watching WWF wrestling. As he grew older, he found his musical and wrestling tastes expanding to black metal and VHS copies of gore-soaked Japanese deathmatches. Late last year, Krow combined the two interests under the name Lives of the Kemet and the self-released album Willow and Fall. An unusual mix of pure noise, field recordings and gallows humour, Willow acts as an audio biography of the high-flying wrestler Jeff Hardy and his much-maligned time spent as the character Willow the Wisp. The creaky Gothic voice that Hardy put on as the character was pitched somewhere between unintentional humour and a childish malevolence, but Krow turns the character into an escape for the wrestler, a creative pursuit into the macabre that acted as shelter from years of heavily-publicised drug abuse.

RBMA Daily, January 2015.