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Who was your first crush

Hmmmmm this is tough. My first celebrity one was probably Zac Efron in High School Musical, and in real life it was this girl I used to know in 5th grade. I got her chocolates for Valentine’s Day and got DENIED so that was terrible but u know it was a learning experience


This is amazing! Todrick Hall is an inspiration!


High School Musical meets The Emperor’s New Groove, Part 2!


A little something my good buddy oncerbat sent to me!

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im having a horrible night can you recommend some feel-better songs?

Sure! I don’t know what exactly genre of song you like when you’re sad, but I have a spotify playlist with songs I like to make me feel good

Here’s the playlist

and here’s another one that’s all instrumental

If you want to be weird like me here’s a playlist that’s entirely high school musical songs

Hope everything gets better! You can also talk to me off anon if you need anything more. ^.^

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Describe your sexy life with a movie title!

High school musical 4…in other words, non-existent 


realistic high school musical

I just realized the popular thing when I was in that stage of my life that I’ll always love the music from was….. High School Musical…. fuck. my preppy stage perpetually sealed in… like it’d be a lie to say I don’t randomly fucking listen to those songs…..  dammit Disney..

Who I am

Years with a bucket of memories
Old and new discoveries
That will last forever

Years of looking from side to side
We won’t leave this school behind
It’s in us forever

This School made me this way
This is who I am today
And who I am today
Is who I’ll be tomorrow
Now graduating
Makes it hard to let go
Well it’s okay
Because I know who I am today

Year after year, now I’m wearing my toga
Reaching for my diploma
Guess high school’s not forever

So many years, well there’s a lot to tell
But for now I will bid farewell
But never forever

Now don’t be sad
Put your head up high
Start a new beginning
And don’t you cry

Live a new life
Make it better
High school may end
But we still have each other…Oh…cause
Because I know…who I am.

Do the past two weeks, every single day at school I start giggling to myself cause all I can think about it the scene in High school musical where they’re all saying “summer, summer, summer”

Tomorrow is my last day of school and I swear to god I’m gonna end up whispering it to myself looking at the clock right before the bell goes off.

*laughs to myself because for some reason this is hilarious to me*

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okay just so y’all know i’m using my spotify library 

Opening Credits: I Am Your Leader - Nicki Minaj
Waking Up: Blind - Kesha
First Day At School: Like Me - Teen Beach Movie
Falling In Love: Kiss N Tell - Kesha
Fight Song: Jealous - Beyoncé
Breaking Up: Gotta Go My Own Way - High School Musical 2
Life’s OK: A Cause Des Garçons - Yelle
Getting Back Together: Run to You - Pentatonix
Wedding:  Alone Together - Fall Out Boy
Birth of Child: Morning Glow - Pippin
Final Battle: We’re All In This Together - High School Musical
Death Scene: Totally Fucked - Spring Awakening
Funeral Song: Somebody to Love - Justin Bieber
End Credits: Safari Disco Club - Yelle

this is literally such a hilarious life wtf 

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