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Hey guys! I uploaded a new video! Please reblog if you enjoyed it! It means a lot! :)

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ITP Racers Post Five Wins at Spring Creek ATV MX National

Taylor Takes Pro-Am Class Victory in Minnesota  Ontario, California, July 2, 2014 - ITP-backed ATV motocross racers won five classes and had a season-high 21 total podium finishes at round six of the 2014 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship series held in Millville, Minn. ITP-supported Pros Josh Creamer and Jeffrey Rastrelli finished fourth and fifth, respectively, […]

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Hey Tumblr!

Here’s my cover of Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic at the Disco! If you enjoy it, please feel free to share it around/reblog it, it would be massively appricaited.

Oh, and you can download it for free aswell, so that’s cool :D


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Hey guys!


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HEY GUYSSS, just uploaded a new video! Go give it a watch if you like! 

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Hey everyone! I did a cover of Titanium - David Guetta

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Hey Tumblr! 

Uploaded a new video last night and it’s not going too well :( 

I would appreciate it it you went and gave it a watch, also, share your weird dreams in the comments, I’ll be reading all of them ^_^ 

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Never posted my draw my life on tumblr… here you go :D

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NEW VIDEO: Watch my Mum attempt to be a constipated whale!! (and also, there’s dogs!!)


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Also, I’ll be replying to all comments, so don’t forget to comment :) 

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HEY GUYS, today is MY BIRTHDAY! :)  

To celebrate, I made a cake! 

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HEY, wanna see me, looking like a girl? Then watch this video!

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