hieitheblackdragon replied to your post: Yoko didn’t do anything I didn’t want him to, I assure you. But… /inhales the scent of Kurama’s hair and trails a finger down Kurama’s neck/ It would seem… I’ve become rather drawn to you as a result.

“There’s something… But,” the demon’s head tilts upward, and gently bites onto Kurama’s ear. “It’s gotten to the point that I don’t care… Don’t think too much of it. It’s actually rather nice… Relieving. Refeshing.”

He let out a soft, very canine sounding whimper at the nibble to his ear. The magic seemed to work and his muscles relaxed under the fire demon’s touch. “I’d rather not have you regretting this later Hiei, I doubt it would bode well for me,” he offered in one last bit of resistance before he leaned a little on his friend, a soft, relaxed sigh leaving his lips.

((RP partners~))

((Ok, finally got Hiei’s out!  Mukuro, you’re next, but not tonight.  (Hiei’s was slightly older, sorry.  =_=)

Rui, are we still going?  I think it was your turn.

Genkai, we had one, but it seems a little out of date now.  Want to officially call it dead?  XD

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((Spin-the-bottle fic))

((So!  People who were in the game of spin the bottle—I’m making a fic out of that.  Any kisses that definitely need to be there?  Anything else I shouldn’t forget?  I’m kinda playing fast and loose with the timeline, here, for reasons that don’t all have to do with not remembering, but reminders would be appreciated.  

(I’m starting after Enki, Genkai, and Koenma left—sorry!  :(  ))


hieitheblackdragon replied to your post: Don’t be like that. I’ll be gentle.

This is what you were warned about, you foolish human child. It took all of this for you to start re-thinking your decision to take things from strangers who offer it. -.-

To be honest, I don’t even understand half of what anon is talking about. All I know is that it’s creepy.

BUT. That anon didn’t offer me ice cream! Only good people offer ice cream! So my argument works after all! : )

A Friendly Proposal

The fox calmly climbed the long stairway to Genkai’s temple. His eyes half closed and hardly watching the ground he was walking on, yet still retaining perfect balance. Thoughts burned through his mind while a mixture of demonic thrill and wounded pride danced in his energy. As he reached the top of the stairs the fox was happy to find his search wouldn’t lead him into demon world, that would take time he’d rather not waste.

His usual greeting to the garden was left to wait, and instead Kurama turned towards the direction of Hiei’s tree house. The remembrance of Yusuke’s gift managed to pull an amused chuckle from his lips, and his demeanor lightened just a tad.

He stopped to find the fire demon resting in a branch above his head, and turned his usual polite smile to Hiei, if only to push his buttons a little. “I’m happy to find my search didn’t take long,” he greeted.