A gift for ghostbri! Merry Christmas!

Hide just likes to do weird things while they wait for the bus.  This is one of the moments where he feels like teasing the heck out of Kaneki and this is the only one moment where Kaneki absolutely distrusts Hide.

You might want to close your eyes and scroll down, Kaneki is too shy and he doesn’t really believe that they’re alone right now.  Now move along, for Kaneki’s sake!~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧


Merry Christmas!

A sneak peek at what Frey and I have planned further down the line (four to six years down the line, in fact) in the Don’t Stay Out in the Cold AU. 

Hide and Kaneki adopt a baby and Kaneki gross cries as he holds her in his arms for the first time and she gigglefarts happily.

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Title: Christmas in Hawaii

Saw the hidekane, wrote the hidekane, hope you like the hidekane. I’m horrible with titles orz. You’re in the support group so yeah, don’t know what to write here. Happy holidays from your captain! I found it funny that our angst princess wanted fluff aha

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“Tomorrow we’ll leave to go to my parents’ house, okay?” Hide asked, absentmindedly scribbling in his notebook.

“What time does class end? We still have to pack, and by we, I mean you,” Kaneki sighed.

“It ends in twelve minutes,” Hide replied, ignoring the last comment. “We could sing the twelve days of Christmas as the minutes pass.”

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oh my god have you seen the lyrics for tokyo ghoul's opening in english im crying

I have and they are so chilling. Imagine though. The lyrics are probably Kaneki singing to Hide. Potential spoilers after the cut.

"I’m broken, so broken - amidst this world. Yet you laugh, blind to everything."

Referring to the fact that Kaneki’s life was shattered by his transformation into a ghoul. But Hide stayed right along side him and laughed and had fun as if nothing was ever wrong. Of course, Hide probably did know the whole time, but Kaneki didn’t know that.

Please don’t bother looking for me; don’t stare at me.. 
I merely don’t want to hurt you, inside a world, that came out of someone’s imagination.
So please remember me; as vivid as I was.

Referring to his further transformation into Shironeki. He was so tortured and so broken that his psyche completely shattered and he changed horribly. Hide was the closest person in the world to Kaneki, so he didn’t want to Hide to see what he had become.

Please don’t forget me, don’t forget me, don’t forget me, don’t forget me!

I don’t think there’s anything I can add to this. There was no one more special to Kaneki than Hide. Kaneki was too afraid to go back where he might not be accepted again. But he really loved Hide. And the pain of losing him was excruciating.

(A) knits (B) a sweater.

I got this prompt from a generator and can’t you see just how amazing this is?

I mean.

Imagine Kaneki being hospitalized because of some scuffle with a ghoul. The injury was enough to make the half-ghoul be hospitalized for a few weeks.

Hide would come every single day just to hangout with Kaneki and he became such a constant fixture that he was able to befriend a lot of the staff in there and most of the patients in their hallway. In fact the old woman next door was able to teach him how to knit. Soon Hide was always seen with a bag of knitting supplies and brightly colored yard. When Kaneki was finally discharged, Hide presented his boyfriend with the sweater that he had been making all this time. It was the most horrible sweater Kaneki had ever seen. It was lumpy, brightly colored and the yarn runs everywhere. It quickly became Kaneki’s favorite piece of clothing.

The next year, during Hide’s birthday, Kaneki returned the favor, presenting Hide with an equally horrible, horrible sweater. It also became Hide’s favorite thing to wear.