AU- Tom Hiddleston as a grown up Stormageddon (Inspired by the Wonderful Becky) finally gets his chance to travel with the Doctor.

Doctor: because I am the Doctor, I always travel; I am a well-known figure in all time and space. You are not the only one who has heard stories about me
Stormy: this leather Jacket is quite uncomfortable, why can’t I wear my normal cloths and say I travel with you?
Doctor: you have to admit, this is more fun! 

The Usual Summer

Things weren’t going well. In fact, things were going very, very bad. He’d spend the last hour hanging over the sink, trying to stop the blood that was flowing freely from his nose. His jaw was hurting with the bruises that had formed and he could hardly open his left eye.

He’d managed to keep the door locked, even through the abusive torment that raged from the other side of it. It was a good thing he never was without his phone, as he was certain his fit of complete panic would have been even worse without being able to contact someone outside of this godforsaken house.

[TEXT] Sorry to bother you, but I’m in trouble. Might possibly have broken my nose.