Fave Tom Pic Ever

I dunno where to start on this one…I do believe this pic was taken by a fan in the crowd at the Russian Premiere of The Avengers (not sure who it was but they need ALL. THE. AWARDS.)

But just…..the angle of the pic, which is lower than what is usual for a pic of him, which is either straight on or to the side. This is a completely different type of profile pic and my Gods in Asgard is it GLORIOUS.

I actually really love that he’s NOT looking into the camera in this one. Like something in the crowd caught his eye? Perhaps a lovely lady? Perhaps he was returning an autograph to a fan?

His skin just looks like divine alabaster. Angelic divine ALABASTER.

And, ugggh the scruff…! And my fave part - his mouth. Caught between a dazzling smile and speech, those lips, those teeth….*whimpers* I…I may need some assistance here. HHHNNNNGGGGGGNNN.

That really is a lovely shot. I love pics of him where he’s not looking at the camera. I have this theory that any pic of him not looking at the camera in formal wear could pass for a wedding candid. ;) I love your explanation. It’s perfect.


Submitted by anon

There are a few pics I have to stop and revel in, but this one usually takes my breath away.  It’s playful yet seductive.  He looks downright handsome in the suit, but it the slight bend in his knee, the thoroughbred-long legs, the outline of his fingers in his pockets, the slightest hint of a mischievous smile  - shall I go on? 

This is a great photo! I agree with all you said. Ugh, just that hint of a smirk there…Thank God this wasn’t taken dead on.

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Interviewer: When Tom Hiddleston was on the show a few months back…

BC: That old bore!

Interviewer: He started doing his Shere Khan voice.

BC: Oh for Christ’s sake, can’t he just leave off my patch for one split second?

Interviewer: Is your Shere Khan better than Tom Hiddleston’s?

BC: [ironically] Clearly… I mean I got the role. What more proof is there than that?

BC: Listen, I don’t like competing with Tom. He is too much of a dear friend. There are loads of friends, including him…we will have crossovers with classical roles and reprisals.