My crush Tom Hiddleston responded to my tweet, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!  Special thanks to Gaby (whom I don’t know but you are now my friend for life) for making this possible!

(Am I able to replace the term “Hiddleboner” with “Hiddlepole” now?  What do you say, fellow Hiddlestoners?  By the way, this is my first post to the “Tom Hiddleston” tag, a tag I lurk upon constantly, so this is my formal introduction here.)

Mathematical Computation for the Hiddlesconda

Hi. Butt anon here. I think to get the length of his thumb in that picture we first need to get the distance measurement from the button his thumb touches to the one below it, because that’s where the length of his thumb roughly ends.

To get that, I used the 1.5 cm = diameter of one button figure given by the lovely miss redskye1972. I checked it on photoshop and…

More or less it's like that.

Yes, the five button estimate is more or less correct.


Tom’s thumb is slanted here, meaning that we will have to apply the Pythagorean theorem. I’d give the distance from the lower button to the bottom of his thumb a one and a half button given that he’s not really facing straight ahead so….

sorry about the quality

Basically my computations say that Flappy is… 9.25 inches.

Note that I am a mere human, meaning that there may be error in my computations, say, the distance from the lower button to the bottom of his thumb.

But still.

Oh my god.

»I have absolutely nothing to add to this perfect submission. Oh! Except that I will now call you Derriere!