Crazy In Love (Bill Hazeldine/reader, fluff + smut)

A/N: so this is the Bill fic hiddle-stoner requested. Dedicated both to her and to my dear Yasmin, because I know how much she loves Bill. Also my first time writing while having a drink (or two or three), hope it’s alright!

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It was the end of the summer, and you weren’t happy. Not at all. End of the summer meant end of the summer holidays, and the end of your time with your boyfriend. Bill would be off to university again, and you would only be able to see him at weekends and longer holidays. Of course, you could have gone with him, except that you couldn’t: you had your own life, and (to your great disappointment), it was in Little Stempington for the time being.

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I think anon hate is childish and stupid. I have gotten my fair share of it, and even if I don’t like the way something is being done or whatever, I wouldn’t ever send anon hate. Yes, I have come out and said some things that were personal opinions, and I have to say I prefer someone not hide behind the anon option if they have something to say. I’d suggest taking the anon option off, but I know there are some shy people here who like having it on. Anyway, I want  to say I am sorry you’re dealing with negativity. Yes, a lot of authors have disappeared from here, myself included, and it is sad, but I am sure there are many loyal readers/authors still here. I think that anon should have thought before sending in their message. Or perhaps rephrased it so it didn’t come off so rude to others. I may have my own opinions/issues on certain matters, but even I thought that was a bit too harsh.


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Poor Tom (?)

Things fans tell Tom to stop doing that he really can’t help…

Omg Tom, that smile, stop!

Omg Tom, those eyes, stop!

Omg Tom, that laugh, stop!

Omg Tom, those hands, stop!

Omg Tom, that voice, stop!

Omg Tom, those sexy obscure references you’re making to torture your fans, stop!

Omg Tom, you exercising, stop!

Omg Tom, you as Loki, stop!

Omg Tom, your snake hips, stop!

Omg Tom,those sexy love scenes, stop!

Omg Tom, your overall adorableness factor, stop!

Omg Tom, those tears, stop!

Omg Tom! Omg Tom! Omg Tom!


And stop apologizing!

Lol. Sorry to break it to you, I don’t think he’s gonna stop. And in all honesty, we don’t want him to. Do you, Tom!

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Name: Vanya

URL: sexiestswine (bc of Arctic Monkeys muthafucka)

Nickname: Danny Da Bae Sexbang Fo’ Dayz

Birthday: December 18th

Height: 5’ 2” don’t judge me

Time Zone: Mountain

Average hours of sleep I get each night: What in the literal fuck is sleep?

What are you known for on tumblr: I reblog shit. I have over 900 followers for reblogging shit.

Favorite childhood videogame and/or movie: The Legend of Zelda

Teenage crushes: Nick Jonas was literally my first ever crush. Now it’s Alex Turner and Danny Avidan

Current job: unemployed, but looking.

Your dream job: *shrugs violently*

Your superpower would be: #YoloSwag and Flight

DC or Marvel? Marvel

Worst cancellation/lack of sequel to a movie/show you loved: THE CANCELLATION OF PUSHING DAISIES FUCKED ME UP!!!!

Three things I can’t live without: My phone, my internet connection, my dick

Something I plan on learning: Advanced Physics

Your theme song: Best Friends Forever by Ninja Sex Party (with the illustrious and quite hung mijika-i) and the acoustic version of Love is a Laserquest by Alex Turner

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