36 and why it’s the best
  • it’s even, and I am partial to even numbers in general
  • it’s a perfect square and a triangular number
  • its square root is also a triangular number (36 is the only number other than 1 which has this property)
  • it is a highly composite number, meaning that is has more factors than any positive integer before it
  • it’s semiperfect
  • it’s the sum of a twin prime pair (17 + 19) 
  • it’s the sum of the cubes of the first three positive integers, and it’s the product of the squares of the first three positive integers.
  • it’s an Erdos-Woods number
  • it is a Størmer number because 362 + 1 = 1297, a prime greater than 2×36
  • the numbers 1 through 36 sum to 666 (aka the number of the beast)

[Evening of Dec 26th so I know. Okay good. Scott dropped Lydia off at Kendall’s after she had the chance to go home and shower and put on fresh clothes. She lightly knocked on the Benson’s door, biting her lip]