i remember way back when i was thinking of future!httyd headcanons how stoick was gonna be there to see hiccup get married and have kids and be there for them but tHAT obviously didn’t happen but now i’m like haha what if all these headcanons of toothless playing w/ hiccup’s kids and being around for them are gonna be for naught haha ahahaha kill me hahaha :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Someone just finished drafting Chapter 24 of Scenery...it was me.

A preview: 

Astrid washed her face, and changed out of her travel sweats and into jeans. Hiccup’s family was one to impress, but not too much, as to seem pompous. She rebraided her hair and went to rejoin Hiccup. The hallway was empty, however, and as she tiptoed down the hall, she came to an open door that upon peeking, could only lead to Hiccup’s bedroom. There was an old computer laying on the floor that looked like it had been very gingerly taking apart and examined. A halo poster was on the ceiling above the bed. Yup. Hiccup.
Curiosity overtook her. She peered down the hall, both ways, but there was no sign of him. She tiptoed to the bed and peeked underneath. It was lined with old shoeboxes. Pulling on out, she gingerly lifted the top, fully anticipating what fiendish boy-secrets were hiding inside.


i always enjoy how worried astrid gets for hiccup its the little things that can turn out to be very good

If there is a proposal in HTTYD3, I want it as a joke

Not like, not serious, but not all serious, if you get me. Like, there’s a super fast paced preparation for war kinda scene, and Hiccup’s defering to the bae/second in command and they’re speaking as fast as they can, then….

Hiccup: Have you secured the battlements?

Astrid: Yes.

Hiccup: Have you secured the elderly and children in the stables?

Astrid: Yes.

Hiccup: Will you marry me?

Astrid: Yes. Wait, what?

Hiccup: (running away) You-said-yes-no-takebacks!