Another awesome trip comes to an end. It was relaxing and I really enjoyed myself. I also found the book version of Hyperbole and a Half. I’ve devoured it!

Now back to work.


Hibiscus Perspectives

When shooting something “cliche” like this Hibiscus, I try to take alternate/unusual angles, focal planes, and crops to bring interest to what would otherwise (and perhaps still is) a fairly common subject matter - I much prefer the first two images to the more traditional, bottom image.

Photos by Jake Barber

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Zoya heard it was Kirby’s ( thewhimsyturtle ) 1st birthday and she couldn’t let it pass without sending a big celebratory HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH! She got all dolled up in her birthday hat and picked the best Hibiscus in the garden as a gift (she may have eated it but there are more.. sorry Kirby :s )

Happy Birthday / Adoption Day Kirby! Keep being adorable and making trouble! #Turtpocalypse is counting on you! :D


This is one of my favorite upcycles to date! I never seem to be working on blouses which is exactly what I need more of in my wardrobe. The print on this was too good, and I had the perfect dress to use as a pattern (The grey F21 dress pictured has a great shape but the fabric is was made with was TOTAL BS, NOT wearable at all.) So I flipped, traced, altered, and lined and here we are. :)