>aufrdrahte Nudl und an Kas…

danzt ham mer aa, daß daß…

daß daß daß daß daß

daß das Hiatl obawaht !<


>aus is und goar is

und schod is, daß´s woahr is,

und war´s ned a so gwen,

war was onders zum red´n !<

on the note of robots that are suppose to be genderless… why aren’t there more male robots? Like… we see so many female ones why aren’t there female robots. Kosmos should of been a male. it would make shipping her with shion super adorble like the only meduim that had a male robot was Dramtial murder and that was ONLY reason i would recommed to play it cause the other characters didn’t really appeal to me. not the way Katawa shoujo did. i really enjoyed Hiaso and Aboa didn’t strike me as intresting other then the fact he use to run with gangs. 

 but back on point, I really want more male robots.

So here’s the next instalment. If your confused on the layout, think of this as a flashback - therefore the majority of the speech is in boxes than bubbles.

I’m annoyed, because I had to use gradients instead of screen-tones for this so I may redo this piece later when I can.

Hope it’s good enough, once I get my tablet, I’ll try to upload them twice a week.

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