ok so darren criss showed up at vulfpeck’s show at the satellite in LA tonight and to be honest i was expecting him to be there but i was NOT expecting him to bound onstage, be introduced as “Roberto Panini” by jack stratton, give an introduction entirely in fluent italian, and proceed to perform an exhaustingly enthusiastic rendition of “dancing in the moonlight” literal feet away from me, so yeah i guess you could call it a good night


Glenn Appreciation Week

Day 7 -  Anything goes: Glenn looking too hot, hot damn


(Based on this wonderfully adorable post)

AU: Evgeni Malkin never made it to Pittsburgh. Instead, he opted to stay in Magnitogorsk, playing for his hometown team. When he’s selected to play for Russia in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, Zhenya gets to see Sidney Crosby in person for the first time since they played against each other as teens. During a press conference with the American/Canadian media, Zhenya discovers Sidney in the crowd, and unaware that the microphones are picking up on what he’s saying, expresses his admiration. Hijinks ensue.




what if the whole show were just rhett and a weird wiggling hobbit foot


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Michael inviting Ray over one day but he forgot that he and Geoff had sex the night before so Geoff comes out stark naked while Michael's opening the door for Ray and Ray is completely taken by surprise

let’s be real here ray would just look between geoff and michael for a second in complete shock—noting the shared bedhead and lightly flushed cheeks, sore mouths and the mix of bite marks and hickeys along both of their necks and bodies (in geoff’s case, at least)—before he steps back out into the hallway, closes the door to michael’s apartment, takes out his phone, hits gavin’s number, and doesn’t even waste a second after gavin’s said hello before he says:


yibo’s starter guide to his very first attempt of cooking: presenting chef wang’s tofu-ramen