So some of the HHers think that it’s that time again to try & get #WeNeedHHS2 trending this weekend.. From Saturday & Sunday. If you can help that would be great. The more help we have the better.. It’s not going to work if there is only 20 people tweeting.. I’ll do my best in trying to help. I suggest if you want it then tweet. We need to make our voices heard so spread the word.. 

Hi guys. Long time, no hear? Well, I’m not dead. I just wanted to tell you guys what’s happening with my stories.

As you all know, I haven’t updated for a few months. I can’t say I’m sorry, and promise I will update, because I will be bullshitting you all. I don’t bullshit. But, my stories will be on hiatus. I’ll try with Marry You, but I doubt I could even do that.

I’ve changed guys. Teddy may deny that, but its true. I’m not in love with writing like I used to be. I can’t do something unless I have my heart fully into it. I’m not dedicated like I used to be. I used to look at everything and could take it apart and figure out the meaning, now everything is empty. Maybe its just me, being a 12 year old girl with hormones and all, but its not. I’ve changed, and I know I have. I’m now one of those crazy fans of Justin Bieber. But even he couldn’t give me some inspiration to write.

I’m losing it guys. I’m not the Ally you once knew.

Maybe I just need some time to figure myself out, but for now, I can’t write.

Sorry for changing.

Love you all,

The HHers will always stick together no matter what! We got each other’s backs! Like many times it has been said before we are a family.. We will believe what we believe and nothing else matters! I love you guys! You all inspire me in your own ways! 

Hey there Coders and HHers! So I'm Living-like-a-wild-hybrid-man and @deborarebocho on twitter, and this is my blog dedicated to that fanfic I told u!

Yes so right away I’m gonna post the prologue and I want you to tell me what u think about it, if u want me to keep or not the FF :) btw this is a Cody Longo fanfic not a Hollywood Heights fanfic ok? 

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Twilight is shit and comparing SS to that trash is ridiculous. Sasuke never psychologically abused Sakura like Edward did with Bella (telling hher to leave him alone but then following her, stealing her car keys, breaking her engine to prevent her from seeing Jacob). Plus

Sakura never took all of Sasuke’s bs attitude like Bella did with Edward just because he was “hot” not even when she was a shallow fangirl.

EB is an obsessive lustful infatuation. SS is unconditional love.


Has this person ever taken a course in mental health and psychology? 

I have. 

I’m going to let this post stand for itself.

All I will say is, pls shut up and don’t talk about things you don’t know the real definition of. It only makes you sound more stupid than your argument.