sirangeroplano said:

Babe, I’m sorry for everything wrong that I have done in the past. I’m sorry that I was back then so insensitive. You’re my greatest escape from my troubles and you have never failed to put a smile on my face on my darkest times. Thank you, Babe. I will forever be yours. I love you. ♥

I love you so much. I may be shy to tell you I love you, but I guarantee you that I will always be in love with you, and only with you. I might be the sensitive type of girlfriend, the clingy or the moody one, but still, I will always be the girl, your one and only girl, who will love you unconditionally. I will love you through thick and thin. I will love you through the good times and through the bad times. I’ll be by your side through ups and downs. I will always be with you. I will be your 6 am phone call and your 10 pm lullaby. I will be there beside you on the altar as we exchange “I do’s”. I will be the happiest girl when that time comes. I will shed tears that would flood the whole city but I won’t care cause those teardrops are tears of joy, joy that only you could bring. I love you my love, my boyfriend, my future husband, my eternity.