I recently got a display case made for all my Sailor Moon items, and I finally have the pictures organized to show you! Most of these are 20th Anniversary merch, and this is only part of the entire collection (I’m quickly realizing with horror that one display case is not enough to hold them all. I should have known better… but yeah.)

- First shelf is all the HGIF figure from the 90s, the 2014 ones are at the back, on top of the Luna and Artemis mugs.
- Second shelf is my PUCHI CHARA ARMY. (I had to get all the different expressions because I’m… insane.) With the three exclusive ones at the front. This shelf will soon be overflowing too. Also holds some of my most prized collections; the pointer pens.
- Third shelf is the S.H. Figuarts figures. I think I lost Mars’ ofuda ;_; As well as the prism ballpoint pens from the same stationery line as the pointers. And some Kumacrafts star transformation pen lockets!
- Fourth shelf is sharing space with some Cardcaptor Sakura stuff, but soon this will hold all the Figuarts Zero figures. Here I also have the transformation brooches.
- And finally on the fifth shelf we have the Outers pointer pens and a whole load of Kumacrafts lockets. I’m still working on this display obviously, but I wanted to show some of the gorgeous pieces like the Star Locket, the Crisis Brooch, and Sailor V’s Crescent Compact.

There will be more pictures of my other items soon!