The Story…

As a psychologist I often get asked what is the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath (which I swiftly refer to Sherlock :P) but sometimes that isn’t enough of an explanation, so I resort to the dictionary of psychology.

And this is what I find… Lokian Personality… in the dictionary

And I don’t know why the picture is sideways

If you want something enough, you can always get it provided you are willing to make the appropriate sacrifice. Something, anything. But what you get is never quite what you thought; and sooner or later the sacrifice is always regrettted
—  Free Fall by William Golding
How many otters can you fit on a Concorde?

There were some here…

and here!!!

and even some in the flight deck! (Sorry Martin!)

so I reckon we could fit more than a 100 otters on board Concorde!

My day at Duxford Air Museum, Cambridgeshire, UK on board Concorde (I remembered I had this postcard of otters in my room, which I’ve had for years, and thought I’d have some Cabin Pressure related fun with it)