I’ll say this for Caesar, he really does his best to make the tributes shine. He’s friendly, tries to set the nervous ones at ease, laughs at lame jokes, and can turn a weak response into a memorable one by the way he reacts.

hey! i’m jenna and i’m from england (GMT), i’m on tumblr for at least a few hours every day. i would love to help run this blog because i often make my own hunger games graphics (you can see them at /mine) and i love seeing the amazing things that people who are a loooooot more talented than i am come up with! i’d be happy to help with absolutely anything on the blog and i’d really love to be a part of it so yeah, thanks!

uhm… my name is Alvaro, I’m from Spain (GMT+1) and I am like a lot on tumblr, whenever I am in the computer I have tumblr opened, unless I am making a very complex graphic. Why would I want to join? Idk, I really enjoy making THG graphics and this sounds like somw kind of a dream come true lol. And I am eager to get new material so I can make MJ edits.

And you did not ask for it, but here’s the link to my latest graphic lol.