skeletaltwin asked:

*Gives Clear a slightly messy handwritten piano score and turns away* I-I know I'm not as good of a composer as you, but... I was just kinda humming a thing and I thought it sounded nice and I wrote it down and I waswonderingifyouwouldplayit." *cue really really embarrassed Sei*

“Sei-san, you’ve been practicing~!”

Clear grinned, taking Sei’s hand and laying a line of kisses over his knuckles. He could see a smudge of pencil lead on his thumb and kissed there as well. He loved it when Sei did little things like this and tugged him to the piano.

“Come on, let’s see how it sounds~!” He got settled on the bench, waiting until his boyfriend was settled beside him, and then let his fingers move across the keys to play Sei’s tune.