prof-fox said:

♖: Having their hair washed by your muse

 This was mortifying. 

 Here he was, sixteen years old in a public bath with his professor. As much as it was an interesting opportunity to see his handsome instructor naked, it was also a bit awkward since other teachers and students had tagged along. Plus HE was going to be naked and good lord he was a scrawny little shit.

 At least my abdomin has a little definition…like what is this a 2 pack?

Side eyeing the others he scuttled off into a corner of the water sighing as the steam covered him up. Relaxing he closed his eyes and it wasn’t long before he heard a splash and felt a large amount of water hit him in the face. Laughing was his professor chucking water towards him. 

"Professor this is a bath not a public pool!" He shrieked a little trying to duck under the water to cover his body.  

"Pshh, it’s fine." Said the animagus treading water closer. "Come here I’ll wash your hair."

 Blushing he allowed his head to rest against the older mans chest as he began to shampoo his hair gently. I- it felt good so he began to relax in the water. 

 ”Professor..” He murmured softly. 


"I think you’re supposed to rinse the shampoo out, you’ve been applying more for the last 5 minutes."