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Ugh, yes. I think I now hate everyone in the Thor/MCU fandom except for the Jane/Thor and Sif/Loki shippers.

I don’t care what people ship as long as they don’t make it a competition.  Sif is not more worthy to be with Thor than Jane in MCU.  Women shouldn’t be demonized and forgotten for the sake of two guys getting it on.  Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

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Okay, the lovely Sif/Loki fanfic and shippiness alone made me want to follow you, but the focus on social justice and thoughts on Odin and colonialism (because holy shit yes) just made me hit the follow button harder. Congratulations on your awesome blog!

Oh gosh. <333 THANK YOU.

I am glad you enjoy my ridiculous Tumblr. :*


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That’s okay, I’m creepy too. Loved your commentary on The Mary Sue’s bullshit article, btw. Knowing that people are actually making fun of her accident has driven me to drink.

Lol oh my god I totally poured myself a glass of wine after I read some of the disgusting comments under that post laughing and thanking god it wasn’t Tom


Let’s all side-eye together!


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Really cute!


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it looks great! and you’re cute


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omg you are gorgeous and I love the hair!


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you are all cute and adorable and beautiful yourselves!!!

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Two for the top 5: the fanfic cliches you love and the ones you hate.

Oh man, this was a hard one.  I have no idea if any of my answers come remotely close to what you even asked - and i’m really bad because most of the time i can find something redeeming about a fic and there isn’t much I actively hate - so it’s really more of a “top 5 fanfic pet peeves” and “top 5 things I enjoy seeing in fic” than cliches.  ugh i’m sorry.  :c

Cliches I hate:

  1. the healing power of the vagina (or penis): when all a villainous character needs is a little bangin from the lady/man of choice and suddenly they’re putty in their partner’s hands. Doesn’t work like that I think.
  2. "but [villain] is just misunderstood and so we have to be sympathetic toward them and characters who don’t take their crap are bad!”:  I think we know what I’m referring to here, but it’s another trope I don’t like.  Holding characters accountable for their actions is important, and dismissing the awful actions of a villain makes for bad storytelling, imo.
  3. non-linear timeline fics: I hesitate to put this one on the ‘hate’ list because when done right, it’s done really really right, and i’ve read fics that use it in a way that is mindbogglingly awesome, but… then there are fics where it’s not used well, and where you’re left confused.  it’s more of a “too many fics where it’s not used in a good way” than a thing I hate.
  4. OCs that take over a niche already filled by a character: i’m not against OCs at all, but I feel that they should be unique and fill a place in the cast that wasn’t utilized before.  Think of it like an ecosystem - every character works together to keep things going.  But you put too many characters in the same niche, and resources in that area start to get scarce.  Your OC is competing with a character for a place they already occupy, and too often it’s not done in a good way.
  5. constantly using lines from the movies/shows/books: occasionally is fine and lord knows I do that myself, but when it’s all the time, it comes off as the writer not knowing what to make the characters say.  again it’s one of those things that’s not necessarily bad and that i don’t necessarily hate, but it’s something that gets annoying.

top 5 fanfic cliches I love:

  1. massive bro feels:  I really love fics where it’s understood that not every character needs to be paired off and it’s just like, the Avengers cooking waffles or whatever.
  2. second childhood: when done right, POOF YOU’RE A KID fics are hilarious.  don’t even front.
  3. plucky heroines: idgaf, as long as they’re IC and their actions/characterization differences from how I see them are justified in the story, I love to see a plucky heroine.
  4. I love you!/I know.  [carbonite]: nothing i love more than a big confession of love right before some hugely traumatic event.
  5. cliffhangers: I whine and cry about them but they make me happy.


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Ditto. If this film turns into a Team Jane vs. Team Sif love triangle crapfest, I will set fire to the entire MCU canon. Also, I kind of want Loki to only show up in the last ten seconds of the movie, just to see the outraged whining.

As much as I love the romantic shippy side of things, again, I really think that it’d be doing these characters a huge disservice.  They’re worth more than being reduced to how I think Alan Taylor would do a love triangle, and they can be better role models if we don’t just show everyone obsessing over who’s gonna get with whom.  There are already plenty of stories out there like that.  Let’s keep it out of this one if possible.

Ahaha that would be beautiful!  As much as I’d be disappointed, because I’d love to see at least a little character development one way or the other for Loki (and while I don’t doubt that Hiddleston could develop a character to the moon in ten seconds if he wanted to, the man needs space to work), it would be hilarious to rush back from our midnight showings to observe Tumblr in a full-on Three-Mile-Island meltdown.


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The sheer reality of his beard is so overwhelming that it almost distracts me from the fact that he’s wearing a velvet jacket. (That is velvet, right? My eyesight isn’t just going at my old age?)

It probably is. I know he has a blue velvet jacket!!!1 He wore it with a suit and THEN repurposed it with a v-neck t-shirt (what else!!).

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Fear Money Teacher!

fear: three fears

  1. everyone i know abandoning me and leaving me alone
  2. the dark
  3. spiders

money: what would you do with one million dollars?

pay off my student loans, lol.  And then invest a lot of the rest as wisely as I could - in properties and the like - as well as buy a house and car free and clear, without having to take out more loans, and stick whatever’s left in savings… though some of it would have to go to indulging myself in stuff.  i’m not gonna lie.

teacher: what do you aspire to be?

I would love to eventually work for the FBI, either as a Special Agent (which is how CSIs are classed) or in their lab at Quantico.

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In an attempt to forget the latest fandom fail, meme answers! My name is Lillian and my main ship at the moment is Sif/Loki. My first fandom was Animorphs, I think. Three things: I'm in grad school (library science - youth services), I have two naughty and adorable kittens, and I've been in fandom for 13 years, so typical cranky fandom veteran here. Why I follow you: life-ruining OTP & other awesomeness. What would make me unfollow: declaring your passion for Mitt Romney? I don't know.

Hello, Llillian! Library science is something I’m actually considering for my future


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Sounds like you’ve really earned that nap. Enjoy it!

Oh god I slept most of the flight it was beautiful.  I’ll probably still crash when I get home but I don’t feel like I’m about to shatter and fly into a million little pieces now.


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Told you you’d be okay. ♥

Yes you did and I should have listened, but you know I worry all the time about everything and anything.

Still ♥♥♥

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Never have I more strongly felt the urge to build an underground bunker so as to escape the inevitable shitstorm of horror/second-hand embarrassment and hide in the corner in the tornado-safety-drill pose all "THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS, FANDOM."





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YES to all of these answers, especially the ecosystem metaphor. Also, this is the second time I’ve tried answering this tonight because the first one decided not to show up. Bad Tumblr.

Tumblr is having some troubles tonight I’ve noticed.  What’s going on in which fandom?

But yeah.  It was a good question, thanks for asking it, I like ones that make me think.