dear michelle,

hi (: i would love to have the honor of being your botm. having lots of followers has never been something i’ve wanted just so i could become tumblr famous. my goal is simply to make sure people always have someone they can go to when they need something. and i’m always here for my followers <3 i want my blog to be a safe, happy place for them to visit, and i want to be someone they can trust and confide in.

also i really love christmas and i think i could do a grand job at spreading christmas spirit during the start of the holidays.

thank you for your consideration. <3

why should i be your botm?

because i’m funny. my blog makes people happy. it’s bright and fun and never depressing. because i love every single one of my followers dearly and i sincerely do talk to anyone who needs someone to listen. i give advice and help to whoever asks for it, and i think i should be your botm because i really deserve it(:

To Michelle: (staystrong-andjustkeepswimming)

I would love to be your November BOTM because I love having your blog on my dash, I see how willing you are to help people, and I am the same way. I run an inspirational blog so that people have somewhere to go to when they are feeling down. I am always more than willing to give advice, because I’ve been, where many people are. I track the suicide tag often, and try to talk people out of doing that to themselves. Oftentimes, I succeed. I just always want to reach out to people, to remind them that they can get through whatever is causing them pain, and they can stay strong. I would love for more people to see my blog so that they could come across that message, so for all of those reasons, I would be delighted with being your November BOTM.