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Go bold or go home.Β  That’s really the only choice you have if you the master of your style instead of the slave to everybody else’s.Β  Style is an extension of personality, and so it’s always enjoyable to see a healthy dose of vibrance on a rainy day.Β  Yvonne Kai always manages to bring it.Β  What I’m a little nervous about is that she’s convinced me that she doesn’t dress up nearly as much as she used to in her hometown of Toronto.Β  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to see her go all the way with an outfit.Β  For now, I’m still loving the show, so I’ll still keep snapping the pictures.Β  Ladies, it’s summer time - time to start adapting brilliant colors to your wardrobes…best to start off with accessories though…have at it!

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Justin Bridges of Tucked LLC


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