“Great Ideas in Motion” by Gavin Farmer.

A well researched and easy to read book about an Australian car manufacturer that kept building cars without moving with the times.

Sound familiar? Spotlight is on you Ford Australia…

You,and Jack had a thick chemistry.a strong bond no one could break.
Not even the littlest ripple of damage.
This time you were feeling a tad out of place.you wanted it to be done and over with.you were tired of Jack.and you knew sooner or later he would be too.
Jack was your soulmate your forever.
But forever is such a long time..

“Hey Jack,can you go get my charger?"you called to him from the house.you guys finally got back from your little trip.and thought this was the time.
"Yeah one sec”
His hair blew over a little bit as he ran,he kinda looked like a fairy.
He came back,all sweaty..why is he sweaty..?
“Here you go"he said handing you,your charger.
"Hey Jack can we talk? You said in a slow shallow tone.
"Yeah sure what’s up?”
“So I’ve been seeing things,around the web-”
He cut you off.
“Listen it’s from the web it’s not true.”
“No Jack it was hard evidence”
“What do you mean…?”
He said looking a little confused.
“You cheated on me!”
“What no I didn’t”
“Don’t you dare lie to me Jack”
“No y/n I swear”
“Jack we need to …well we need to see other people”
“What are you implying”
*My god he’s so stupid*
“Jack we need to break up”
“We need to?”
“Yes.. sorry Jack”
“It’s-its fine..”

I hope that,that was okay.anyways byeeee.

things I have to go buy tomorrow:

  1. foods
  2. ear-/headphones
  3. band aids
  4. bar soap for shower
  5. car phone charger

but hey I made it here and the whole day and didn’t fuck up or die you know

3.4A Apple Certified Rapid Lightning Car Charger Review!

Hey Guys! 

Today i’ll be reviewing this Rapid Lightning Car Charger for all of you! 

I was really excited to be able to review this for you all, because I’m a big fan of car chargers. With me being on the road for many hours, especially during the summer as I head to Florida, it’s very nice to have a car charger so that I’m able to have my phone charged up for emergencies, or even just to take some pictures. 

I have been using this car charger for almost two weeks now, and It’s been doing me good. 

This charger definitely gives you a load of battery in a little amount of time. While in the Poconos over the weekend, the first morning there, I realized I did not charge my phone! 

No worries though, cause I had this thing with me, and it gave me a bit of a boost in the 35 minute drive to Breakfast. It only takes an hour and a half to two hours for it to fully charge though. 

It has a blue led light that shines to know that your phone is charging, and it’ll stop charging once it’s fully charged, so that you don’t overcharge your phone. 

You also can charge two devices at once. This charger is mainly for iPhone’s (it has the small iPhone 6-ish type of cord, but there’s also another USB port so that you can charge another device also. 

Go and check it out for yourself! 


hey does anyone remember that non-apple iphone charger post that was going around for a while? I’m needing a new charger and i remember reading about one that was more durable and less expensive, so I was gonna try that. if you remember the brand, could ya let me know? :D also if anyone has tried them, tell me what you thought/if you noticed any differences from the apple brand chargers?

anonymous asked:

Hey, my iPod charger just broke, so I'm not gonna be able to be on tumblr or send asks for a few days, sorry :/ I'm gonna order two new ones tomorrow - Karma


Well, see you soon, I hope.


Why Every New Macbook Needs a Different Goddamn Charger

hey dude can i borrow your charger XD