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i haven’t really seen much on my dash about this. Maybe it’s because I’m not following that many Irish bloggers or something but let me explain. 

Ireland are having a new referendum introduced and voted on soon. If voted yes, it will allow gay people to adopt and raise children. 

If no, they simply wont be able to. 

Campaigns for #VoteNo have been malicious, such as the poster above. The church is also supporting #VoteNo and across Ireland (well, definitely in Limerick anyways) held mass prayer sessions to vote no in the next voting session. It would be what God wants or some religious bullshit like that. 

This poster is supporting such outdated values. 

What about single-family parents?

What about widows? 

What about a parent who has to flee an abusive relationship?

What about the children who grow up with just one? What will they have to suffer through if it goes ahead? 

What about partners who have been together for a lifetime and now cant adopt or anything? 

What about the women out there who wish to raise a child completely by themselves? Will they get support?

This is, simply put, utter bullshit and seriously so disgusting.  The fact that we, as a country, are still using religion and emotional manipulation to get what we want is at best disgraceful.  

People, human beings, all deserve the same equality no matter what. Children do not deserve both a mother and a father, they deserve a healthy and safe upbringing, regardless of the family-status, gender, or sexual orientation of their parents. 

People also deserve the right to give this opportunities, to give children a better, safer home life and environment. 

We all deserve to be equal. 

I beg of you, #VoteYes. 

(Note: I’m sorry if this makes no sense. I just woke up and I’m too angry to articulate what I have to say correctly.)