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Pandora 2012 - My New Friend Steve No problem in the Borderlands can’t be solved with liberal application of bullets. Also, I absolutely love my character, seriously. Axton is the coolest motherfucker ever. YOU GET A BULLET AND YOU GET A BULLET AND YOU GET A BULLET…
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So I got SHENMUE36 to join me on the Crysis 3 Beta for a few games. Murder ensues :D

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Help Hexy Headshot: Part III [Gotham City Impostors XBLA]

Another game for you to witness my fails and why I need advice! I really want to get a game of Fumigation recorded as it’s my favourite mode, but it’s just not happening. They’re either laggy, full of level 1000s in a party or it won’t start. So here is Bounty Hunter. It’s not the kills that count, it’s picking up the coins dropped when an enemy dies that wins the game. Every coin you pick up (enemy or friendly bounty) gives you a boost in damage for a few seconds.

I wouldn’t normally snipe in BH, but as long as you have team mates in the thick of it to pick up the dropped coins and rampage through everyone it works out. I’m using the Gatekeeper this time, which is actually the first weapon I got Gold, because it’s really easy to use (some may say OP). I just went back to the Desperado to get the Kitty camo and remembered how much easier it is taking down armoured Mighties with the SMGs! I switched out the Energy Drink for the Hatchet too, so you can get an idea of how much I suck with it XD I also switched the voice to Emo, I’ll do Sassy next so you get to hear all the silly stuff ;)

I’m still trying to hip-fire, but it’s such a struggle to make my brain do it. Anyway, bring on the advice!

(I dropped the quality down to 720, but to be honest the file size wasn’t that different so I may as well leave it at 1080.)

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Help a Woo: Part II [Gotham City Impostors - XBLA]

This was recorded a few days ago so I haven’t put any of the tips from the last video into practice yet. I want to get a few videos up showing different game modes and weapons so you can get an idea of how I play.

This one is another Team Deathmatch, I think the 10th time I’d ever played this mode. I went for the Persuader (Shotgun) and Partisan (3-Burst Assault Rifle). I’ve only started using these guns pretty recently and I suck with the shotgun, but I absolutely love the Partisan. It’s the first weapon I haven’t hated using the Red Dot Sight mod with. It’s a bit of a headshot machine.

So once again, I look to you guys for advice. I’m hoping to get a game of Fumigation recorded where I snipe just to prove that I never usually use the Buccaneer as in the previous video XD (The random knife-swings you see in this video and probably others I’ll put up are when I’m using my wired controller, I think the sticks are a little unhappy).

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HexyWoo Needs Your FPS Advice [Gotham City Impostors: Team Deathmatch - XBLA]

Your eyes do not deceive you, I uploaded a video! The quality isn’t fantastic as I can’t edit or render without a PC, so I’m just recording straight to MP4 (same reason there’s no commentary, sorry).

But onto the topic of the video. This, GCI, is my very first online console FPS. I played Arena FPS on PC waaay back when, but never on my 360. I’ve been playing GCI since about… late March I think and I’ve been working on my aim and trying out all the different weapons, but the one thing I keep being told I need to learn is the psychology of an FPS. This is where I really suck, it’s also why this video is seriously messy gameplay.

So, I need tips from you good people. I do OK when I’m sniping as I’ve learned a lot of the snipe spots and know where you can counter-snipe from, but all the close quarters stuff I suck at, I’ll just run in and keep firing until people fall over. That’s usually my only strategy. On the odd occasion when I do pre-empt someone’s movements I feel pretty awesome. I want to know how to do this more often.

I should also point out I never play Team Deathmatch either, I’m normally 100% Fumigation, but there was only one lobby the other night and it was laggy as hell so I tried TDM.

For those of you who haven’t seen this game before, it’s available on PC (albeit a little broken there), XBLA and PSN. It’s pretty much CoD4 with a Gotham skin. It has a trial on XBLA where you get to play online for 60mins, so give it a go!

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Assassin’s Creed: Revelations - Assassinate at Castel Gandolfo (Corsair)

Firstly; the amount of blood, sweat & tears going into recording and getting this online means I probably won’t be doing any more videos. Maybe ever, I don’t know. It’s just too hard without a computer.

Anyway, this is a match of Assassinate on Castel Gandolfo where T0xicLotus let me borrow her Epic Coat Lady for a murder spree. I make a load of mistakes, but still win and get EV (it’s a bit too easy to get now) so I guess it’ll do. I also die. A lot.

You may notice I’m not exactly stealthy any more. That’s because the RDR (reverse detection meter) makes it kind of pointless, especially in Assassinate. I used to late-lock and cut people off for Incogs. Now if you lock early you’ll get smoke-bombed and punched once they find the B above your head. So I say sod it, I’m just gonna take any kill I can get. EVs with not a single Incognito kill? Sadly that’s most of my matches now…

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood - SuperPRO Wanted - Alhambra



We’d been playing for a while and err, someone in the lobby was getting annoying. So before we left we decided to go PRO. Captain Awesome would’ve won had I not roofed him out of the game I’m sure!

Due to my own stupidity I didn’t win by AC:B rules, but I most definitely won by SuperPRO rules! (Most kills; if there’s a tie for kills, fewest points wins).

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood - Player Assassinate - Rome Dusk (Executioner)

I was doing really well in the match before this and got unceremoniously booted from the host before the end :( We decided to try again and got into this game where someone had taken the Dama already :( and the Harlequin was gone too, so I had to randomly pick something.

I have a pretty bad start and a bit of a battle with the damn Prowler who refuses to land in my smoke, but it turns good in the end :)

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Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood - Ranked Assassinate - Florence Night

Only recorded the last half of this match when I realised it was going pretty well! I made a couple of mistakes, but it generally went OK.

My music was on random so when I realised what was playing I did have a little giggle, I admit it XD (First song is a cover of ‘Do Ya Think I’m Sexy’ By The Revolting Cocks, next song is ‘The Sex Has Made Me Stupid’ by Robots in Disguise).

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Portal: Still Alive (XBLA) - Advanced Chamber #7 in 3 Portals

This is really just a test of how well my HD PVR is working. I’ve tweaked the settings a bit since recording this.