OMG, what a struggle. I’ve been making manips and graphics for at least  10 years… give me some pics of various online clothing stores, a bat and some wire and I’ll make you a badass warrior!Stiles, no problem, but backgrounds are still the bane of my existence ~_~

It doesn’t look too hideous now (at least I think so), but if you want anything changed let me know.

recently I reached 100 hundred followers, and it means the world to me. seriously, for me its such a huge milestone in my Tumblr history, considering that I run a shamelessly multifandom blog, and you put up with it. thank you so much! so, here is a list of the blogs I admire the most. Bold ones are (at least in my eyes) friends! Ps.: please note that the blogs are from multiple fandoms e.g. Teen Wolf, football, and hockey. I love all the blogs I follow even if you are not on the list. 

A - F

alphaziamhale × apackofhales × anastasis19 × antogriez × athenadark × bleep0bleep × cakeily × candypinkcocks × derekdeservesbetter × dontgobrienmyheart × dyleon × fannishthings × felicitysmock × francents × frek 

H - L

halekingsourwolf × hellasterek × hexthejinx × icehot13 × imaginesterek × itreusbitch × j2asndh × jedkriszti × joyfullychaotic × kaner-and-tazer × kierenwalkerpds × littlemyran × lycantrophies 

M - S

melimelishaa × mesimatyas × miroslav-kloses × modanos × neukreutz × onceuponalany × reummels × she-bleeds-white × sourwolfz × swedishgoaliemaffia 

T - Z

thehaletomystiles × torigates × weareallhurts × youneedmetosurvive 

Thank you!