Rhythm of the Planet (Ft. Tek-nition, D-Rev)
  • Rhythm of the Planet (Ft. Tek-nition, D-Rev)
  • String Theory (HexOne + BBZ Darney)
  • String Theory

Colliding composites, think you fly, you can die in your cockpit 
Denying can modify your diet, this iron is toxic 
Ironically thought to be a cross of a viable profit 
Inside a sarcophagus, a shrine and a bible of Gnostics  



OG LA King, Hex One. “Don’t call it a comeback” 

This man influenced countless of young writers in So. Cal when I was growing up in the 90’s. If you didn’t bite Hex’s style you were slipping or in denial. I was lucky to catch his show at Crewest Gallery this past weekend:http://www.crewest.com

Peep an interview w Hex One on the LA Taco Blog here: http://www.lataco.com/taco/interview-with-hex-tgo

BBoys to BMen – Closing Reception

September 29th 7-10pm

Crewest Gallery
110 Winston Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013


holy shit this is good hiphop

String Theory
  • String Theory
  • String Theory
  • String Theory

The heat comes in large waves
Making head and abdomen part ways 

Yo, I’d rather travel than star gaze 
This odd maze is entrapped in chasms and hallways 
Causing you rats to spasm, it all plays backwards 
At long range just bold face actors in wrong lanes 
These dark laced tracks attract blackness in broad day 
What y’all say is wackness, I’m john blaze, it’s raw check it 
When I begin to spar reckless I warp records 
We jog hecklers’ mental crevices with these drawn weapons 
We launch messages to far stretches like star trekkers 
My bars’ rep is a law as blessed as gods efforts 
The fraud jesters spreading false lesson is cross dressers 
Who faded, you could envision clearly that it’s tainted 
But listen to the theory that explains it, String Theory