The Polo Grounds - (Thirstin Howl the 3rd, Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected)

The Mixtape Game’s premier storytellers The Diggers Union team up with Lo Life General and Independent Hip Hop Icon Thirstin Howl III to bring you THE POLO GROUNDS, a true audio documentary detailing the Legendary MC and the infamous Lo Life movement. You get a personal look at his early days with the Lo Life movement and their reign in NYC and abroad, as well as his incredible rise to Independent stardom in the Hip Hop world. Uncompromising and Dedicated like no other, Thirstin has quite a story. From origins to present day, not one moment is spared in detailing the rise to worldwide infamy. Classic songs are intertwined with commentary directly from Thirstin himself, certifying the fact that the true story is documented. The mixtape will be released as a 2 Part series, with the first to be released shortly and the 2nd to follow soon after.

The Polo Grounds (Preview) by TheDiggersUnion

Hevehitta, DJ Unexpected & Thirstin Howl the 3rd - The Polo Grounds [PART 2]

Diggers Union centerpieces Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected continue to entertain and educate with their sequel to the historic mixtape “The Polo Grounds”. Picking up right where part 1 left off, Lo-Life General Thirstin Howl The 3rd continues the narration on his career and the whole Lo-Life movement. Delving into such topics as the Reggaeton influence and the change in technology, the unique first-person perspective is maintained throughout the cd, accompanied by the classics and brand new material from his soon to be released new album, “Natural Born Skiller”. 23 tracks complete this one of a kind mixtape giving you insight into the infamous Lo-Life movement like never before. Enjoy and be educated.

The Polo Grounds 2 Preview

The Polo Grounds 2 (Preview) by TheDiggersUnion

Track Listing
1. Ridiculous Feat. Fi-Lo
2. Creating The Polo Planet (Interlude)
3. Evolve Or Expire (Interlude)
4. Backshots
5. Chilly Chill Feat. Unique London
6. OG Stripes Chapter 2 Feat. Dana Dane
7. Bi-Lingual Business (Interlude)
8. Charlie Barnett- Puerto Rican Invasion
9. Con Calma
10. Genetic Engineering Feat. German Regime
11. Catch A Body Feat. Hurricane G
12. Acknowledge The Takeover (Interlude)
13. The Cards Life Dealt Me
14. Double Dosage Feat. J-Love & Meyhem Lauren
15. What It Iz Brother Lo Feat. Professor X
16. The Polo Crown Cannot Be Shared (Interlude)
17. The Crown Feat. Unique London
18. Bury Me With The Lo On Feat. Shillz, Rack-Lo, Ski-Lo & Big Boo
19. Cookies And Cream Feat. The Incomporable Shakespeare, Rack-Lo & Wi$e
20. Brooklyn Killers Feat. Big Boo
21. 2 L’s Up Feat. Rack-Lo
22. Together Forever Remix Feat. Lo-Lifes
23. Long Live The Polo Grounds (Outro)

Never the types to rest on their laurels, Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected incorporate a new idea into their already diverse catalog.  Known as the Mixtaep (the last 2 letters purposely reversed), it will come to be known as a mixtape EP for free download.  These will be released occasionally, with various themes accompanying the project.  For the first entry, they present “Duel Of The Iron Fists”, starring Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan and DJ Premier, legendary producer and ½ of Gangstarr.  Continuing with their already infamous “Martial Arts Mixtape” series, this one features Ghostface Killah vocals over DJ Premier beats, with various kung-fu movie samples mixed in.  Keeping a firm grip on their motto, “Enjoy And Be Educated”, there are also breakbeat sections for said artists, with original samples presented which would be the foundation for their respective hits.  DJ Unexpected has also provided a write-up for the project, detailing the inspirations for each track presented here.  Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected would like to thank all of their supporters and and the artists involved for the inspiration.  Enjoy and be Educated!


1. The Iron Fist Intro
2. Shaolin Vs. Lama (DJ Unexpected Remix) feat. Raekwon, Jadakiss & Styles P.
3. Masked Avengers (DJ Unexpected Remix) Feat. Raekwon
4. The 100 Pace Palm (DJ Unexpected Remix)
5. Eastern Evil (DJ Unexpected Remix)
6. Ghostface Killah- Duel Of Ultimate Weapons (Breaks)
7. DJ Premier- Magnificent Natural Fist (Breaks)

Track by Track Description:

1. The Iron Fists Intro- Every story has have an introduction, and so do all of our mixtapes.  For this one, Hevehitta and I decided to shy away from the traditional scratch intro I’m known for and rely more on dialog to set up the premise.  With classic background music used in such films as “Flag Of Iron” and “My Young Auntie” as the backbone, the characters are introduced and told about “The Iron Fist”, a legendary style very efficient in defeating enemies.  The student (Ghostface Killah in this case), is denied the chance to learn at first, but is taught after enemies (The Lamas) raid Shaolin Temple.  Naturally a fight erupts.
2. Shaolin Vs. Lama feat. Raekwon, Jadakiss & Styles P.- With Raekwon as his fellow student, Ghostface Killah engages in combat with Jadakiss and Styles P, the Lamas (a known nemesis of Shaolin) who are there to prove their superiority in martial arts.  They are eventually defeated after a grueling duel.  While it’s not entirely a DJ Premier influenced remix, he is represented on the first beat (None Of Ya’ll Betta ironically on Jadakiss’s first album), and it would make no sense to abruptly end the story.  (Note- this track was originally featured on “Executioners From Shaolin”, Hevehitta and DJ Unexpected’s 1st entry into the Martial Arts Mixtape series).
3. Masked Avengers Feat. Raekwon- With “That White” by Fat Joe and "Poet Has Come" by Blaq Poet as the backdrop, Ghostface Killah and Raekwon use their skill in weaving a story detailing their former life as drug dealers.  Once again, the braggadocio element remains intact. Audio dialog is from the movie aptly titled, “Masked Avengers” (including the line used in the intro “We do what we want here…”; why was that included, you ask? Because we can do that!)
4. The 100 Pace Palm- DJ Premier does his part here with “Living Proof” by Group Home and “Mass Appeal” by Gangstarr serving as the backbone while Ghostface Killah reminds you that his style is “Mighty Deadly” (the acapella used here as well).  The audio is courtesy of the late Lo Lieh (via Ted Thomas on dubbing) from the film “Clan Of The White Lotus”, where he displays his “100 Pace Palm” on Gordon Liu (coincidentally starring as Pai Mei in Quentin Tarantino’s “Kill Bill 2”). 
5. Eastern Evil- Ghostface Killah’s “The Champ” acapella gets the remix treatment with “Above The Clouds” by Gangstarr feat. Inspectah Deck (fellow Wu-Tang Clansman), “MUG” by O.C. feat. Freddie Foxx and “F-U” by Teflon providing the music.  Ghostface goes in for the kill against his enemies and his style is enhanced by the interlude between Pai Mei and priest Chi San (from “Executioners From Shaolin”).  The outro audio is courtesy of Tommy Lee Ming Man’s character from “The Hot, The Cool & The Vicious”.
6. Duel Of Ultimate Weapons (Breaks)- Simple enough, it’s a collection of original samples used by Ghostface Killah or songs he was featured on.  In keeping with the martial arts theme, the title was deemed appropriate (a classic Hwang Jang Lee movie I might add).  (Note- some breaks were previously released on my classic series, “Look What I Found”).
7. Magnificent Natural Fist (Breaks)- Same as track 6, but this track focuses on DJ Premier samples, some of which were previously featured on the “Look What I Found” series.  The title comes from a Korean film starring Elton Chong and Mike Wong (trivia time- a clip of it was featured on an episode of “How I Met Your Mother”; the villain has a 20 ft. arm). 
Hopefully this summary will give you a better understanding of the minds of Hevehitta and I (DJ Unexpected), as well as help you in appreciating what we do to provide you with a great deal of entertainment, as well being educated.  Thanks for the support and on to the next one……

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected’s Enjoy & Be Educated Radio Show (Episode 30)

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Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected’s Enjoy & Be Educated Radio Show (Episode 30)


With our 30th episode under our belts, and our new announcement regarding syndication with Juice Radio (airing Monday’s from 6-8PM PT), we at The Diggers Union are not ones to rest on our laurels. Instead we jump right into our latest episode entitled, “Give the Drummer Some 3 (Let the Drums Speak)”. Once again highlighting some of music’s greatest drummers/percussionists, we dive right in to bring you the best in the backbone of all music, the drums. Featuring artists such as Candido, Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham and Charly Antolini, we highlight some great tracks/moments in recorded music (via breakbeats and complete tracks). Expect a fourth installment soon, and as always, enjoy and be educated.

Hevehitta & DJ Unexpected’s Enjoy & Be Educated Radio Show (Episode 30)

01. JD Riggz – “This Is for My Diggers” (Diggers Union Exclusive)
02. JBL Speaker Test (Interlude)
03. Bernard Purdie – “Purdie Warmup”
04. Buddy Rich – “Countin’ Them Long White Lines”
05. Jimmy Castor Bunch – “It’s Just Begun”
06. Peter Reno – “Silver Thrust”
07. Charly Antolini – “Scratches”
08. Los Bravos – “Amor Y Simpita”
09. Can – “Vitamin C”
10. Billy Cobham – “Moon Germs”
11. Bloodstone – “Money”
12. Willie Bobo – “Fried Neckbones and Some Homefries”
13. Cal Tjader – “Aquarius”
14. Creative Funk – “Moving World”
15. The Fabulous Conti Family – “Little Bongo Boy”
16. King Errisson – “Listen to the Music”
17. Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers – “Sacrifice”
18. Ralph Macdonald – “The Path (Part 2)”
19. Cocody’s Men – “Shanko”
20. Roger Simard – “Merry, Merry”
21. Johnny Rivers – “Over the Line”
22. Tempo 70 – “Sing Sing Sing”
23. East of Eden – “Jig-A-Jig”
24. Candido – “I’m On My Way”
25. Sandy Nelson – “And Then There Were Drums”
26. Phil Collins & Chester Thompson – “Drum Duet”
27. Nirvana – “In Bloom”

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Dj Unexpected and Hevehitta mix up some Premo and Ghostface for the EP. Check it.