Hetavision 2015

On the case of Austria to the performers:

Austria: I said you could borrow the piano, not set it on fire dammit!

Contestants: It’s for aesthetic!

Austria: I don’t care! What’s the use if you didn’t win? My precious piano! *going hysterical*

On the case of Norway to Denmark:

Norway: You only gave me three points. You’re sleeping on the couch.

On the case of Lithuania to Russia:

Lithuania: Hide me! He’s banging at my door!

Estonia: This is what happens when you got the guts to not vote for him.

On the Case of Spain to Italy and Romano:

Spain: Yay~! I get some from Roma tonight!

On the Case of Germany to Italy:

Germany: You didn’t vote for me… *depressing atmosphere*

Italy: Ve! Sorry Germany! It was Brother’s turn to vote this year!

On the Case of Spain to Romano 2:

Spain: Why didn’t you vote for me? I voted for you!

Romano: No one asked you to vote for me, bastard.

On the Case of Belgium to Netherlands:

Belgium: Thanks for the 12 points bro!

Netherlands: *smirks triumphantly in spoiling Belgium* Anything for my little sis.

On the Case of Australia:

Australia: Neat! I got fifth place! Can I be a guest again next year?

On the Case of Finland to Sweden:

Finland: Congratulations Sweden~! *Cue cute smile*

Sweden: *inwardly squealing and celebrating*

Well here is! Sweden, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song Heroes :D in Hetalia style (?)
I’m not so happy with them winning again because of the odds, that makes the show a bit boring, but it’s a good song, I liked the creativity and Måns is handsome :3

I loved the result with this ilustration, I hope everyone like it! Tomorrow is the turn for Russia and maybe Italy~

PD: I’m new in tumblr, I’m a bit lazy with the design of my page lol