[blog update] Announcement


file name: muminnanokore.jpg = “Is this really Moomin!?”

I’m really sorry to have kept you all waiting for such a long time!
I plan to continue the Halloween event for a short period starting on 2nd November and also post up this year’s Halloween costumes.


I’m only going to wrap things up with a little extra on the side, so this year I will be drawing and posting requests at my normal update pace.

But since I’d feel left out if I don’t do anything on 31st, I plan to post a comic strip that I’ve done previously, but it’s a serious story that’s not festive at all…

Thank you for all your comments and fun news! The world is such an interesting place!

> So is Persia-san kinda a grandpa too?


That’s right, just like Grandpa Rome, he also has grandchildren and adopted children.

> Anicetus who looks a bit like Japan, is he taller than Japan?

The average height in Ancient Rome, depending on the era, is about 160-170cm.  During Nero’s time, in the Pompeii region male’s average height is about 168-170cm.  And it’s said that Nero’s height is about average, so in the manga he’s a bit shorter….OH MY GOD NO WHAT HAVE I DONE!!?

> You might already know this… but there’s a ranking for the coolest terminology in world history, and “Holy Roman Empire” was ranked No.1.  Congratulations~

Terms such as “Teutonic Knights” and “Holy Roman Empire” are really cool, so you tend to remember them really quickly.