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Rosario + Vampire

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Based off the picture in this video. Whoever wrote it was a genius.

Spain Got Back
  • Spain:*walks by* :3
  • America:Oh. My. God. Iggy, look at his butt. It is so big. He looks like one those Italian guys' boyfriends. But, you know, who understands those Italian guys?
  • England:They only talk to him because he looks like a total manwhore. I mean, his butt, it's just so... Big. I can't believe it's just so round. It's like out there. I mean, gross.
  • America:Look. He's just so... Tan!
  • Romano:I like Spain's butt and I can not lie! You other Italians can't deny! That when a Spaniard walks in with an itty bitty brain and a round thing in your face you get sprung!
  • Roma:Russians... I hate the Russians. So what's the plan Potato?
  • Prussia:live bait.
  • Roma:... hey!
  • Prussia:cmon tomato-face. You and Toni need to create a diversion.
  • *later* *drums play*
  • Russians:*look*
  • Roma:LUAU! If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat~ eat my buddy Toni here because he is a treat~ come and down and dine~ on his tasty ass~ all you have to do is get in line~ AAAARE you achin~?
  • Spain:sí sí si~
  • Roma:FOOOR a spainard~
  • Spain:sí sí sí~
  • Roma:HEEEE'S the big guy~
  • Spain:aye aye~
  • Roma:he won't even hurt a fly~
  • Both:*hip thrust* OI!
Regrets- My Mom and I

Funny how both my mom and I have regrets dealing with each other.

My mom regrets not always being there when I was in need as a toddler before her divorce with my abusive father. And she feels that if she had been there when he had been doing some of these horrible things to me, I wouldn’t have my PTSD today.

And, I don’t know if she knows it, but I feel like if she hadn’t been expecting me, then she would’ve gone and lived her dreams. She could’ve graduated college and live her dreams THEN find someone she could be with instead of having my father be a spouse.

It’s funny how much genetics are passed down.

Words do have a power to them

Yesterday I had a conversation with my friend. She says I’m cute and adorable, but I don’t think I am. But then she told me reasons, after I asked, as to why I am those two words (This was on Facebook btw… Must’ve been a bitch to type this all out) : 

Well, let’s see. Ignoring your cute height because that’ll just make you annoyed, I’ll start somewhere else. You have a wonderful complexion which couples lovely with your pale skin colour. You have a beautiful eyes which glimmer of a graceful colour you usually only see in young children now days, and even with your glasses on, it’s very hard to miss it.

Personality wise, you’re still childish and despite the perverted ways you know, you’re still young and free to explore it, which is what you do with everything. There’s nothing bad about what you do, and the innocence that shows from it is definitely what I class as cute.

 So… I guess I am… ._. though she didn’t need to write an essay…

Moon Moon in a Fairy Tale

 Once upon a time, there was a wolf named Moon Moon. Moon Moon wasn’t a very smart dog, so he got teased for it. :( Now, Moon Moon loved everyone. Even the rocks. One day, his friend Mr. Rock told him to go online. Moon Moon took the idea and went on Tumblr. Moon Moon realized that the people following him liked him enough to be a meme. And now, today, Moon Moon is a very famous wolf thanks to Tumblr. The end. :3