And brother if you have the chance to pick me up?
And can I sleep on your couch to the pound of the ache and pain

Will you drive me back?
Can you take me home?

Keep me breathing don’t make the lights come back

Mikey’s blog post made me realize how powerful these lyrics are. Gerard could have ranted about Mikey’s behavior, or he could have said “I’ll take care of you.” Instead, he reached out to Mikey by humbling himself and asking Mikey to help him. Wow.


****I realize I’ve already posted this, but I just realized this would have been probably been better as video post. So here it is again, in case you missed it!****


So what was supposed to be a short little video became this ten minute long video. But I love it.

I edited it to have background music and everything, but to be honest with you, I’m not exactly the most professional of video editors. Actually, this is probably the largest project I’ve worked on. While I like the finished product, its definitely not perfect. Which is why I’ve decided to upload two versions:

This is the edited video which I’d refer to as the “official” one.

And here is an uncut version that has everyones submissions back to back, no music or frills or anything like that. 

As I mention in the descriptions, I was unable to be in the video myself. It was already too long, and to be honest I had nothing great to say anyway. 

Here is the link to download the files in case Youtube ever takes it down:

And last of all, thank you to everyone who submitted! Of course, just as I promised, I WILL burn these to a disc and personally hand it to Gerard when I see him next. I’ll have someone take a picture of me doing it if I can. 

We just reached over 7000 followers, and I couldn’t be more proud. The Gerard Way tag has been filled with so many good vibes, as opposed to all the hate. You guys rock! 

I hope you’ll participate next year!

(Sorry for the delay to the current submissions in the inbox, I shall get to you soon!)