It’s just a spark

But it’s enough to keep me going

Okay, guys. So my lights are off and I’m in bed mobile blogging and my leg is hanging off my bed. I did not hear my dog walk in and HIS NOSE JUST RUBBED AGAINST MY FOOT AND I AM NOT EXAGGERATING WHEN I SAY I JUMP SO BAD THAT I KICKED HIM IN THE FACE. It is 3:30 in the morning. HE COULD HAVE BEEN A MONSTER UNDER MY BED OR SOMETHING. I’m going to sleep. This is what happens when I stay up past my bed time.

“It’s very good of you-“

"No, no, not at all. It’s my hobby. Not proposing to people, I don’t mean, but investigating things. Well, cheer-frightfully-ho and all that. And I’ll call again, if I may."

A lot of people are saying that Haru choosing to go pro at this point makes a lot of sense since he always competed in relays in elementary and high school. (for arguements sake, i’m not going to argue whether or not haru particularly liked competing in swim meets, seeing as he came off as indifferent, but let’s just say that Haru really did enjoy swim meets)
I just want to point out that there is a very important difference between competitive swimming and professional competitive swimming.
Competitive swimming when you’re a kid and still in school is generally low pressure and more of a social extracurricular activity.
Professional swimming, on the other hand, is very high pressure and ridiculously strict
Haru is the type to dislike high pressure situations. In season 1 Episode 5, when Kou was writing the countdown to the tournament she said “Pressure is what pushes people to the next level” and then Haru said “Pressure can also ruin some people”. People need to appreciate that Haru wouldn’t want such a stressful future and that’s okay. He doesn’t have to go pro if he doesn’t want to, Haru should be free!

I was at course and sketching during the lesson as usual. I tried to draw Blair and it looked too feminine so I decide to draw genderbent Frostbite, nothing unusual there. Blair was done and I finished Silvius who turned out so cute -like I said I would marry her- and I wondered where the hell I got my inspiration from for Lady Lycus and THEN I RAISED MY HAND AND I SAW MY CLASSMATE WHO IS THE GENDERBENT SILVIUS I AM DRAWING AND I JUST… TRIED TO COVER IT IN HURRY AND IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING OH GOD I SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHILE DRAWING OTP PICS. //Also she was trying to see what I was drawing ;A; Sorry friend I use you as reference for my  dear ice zombie’s boyfriend but I swear I didn’t intend to.

bittersweet-luna said:

My guinea pig keeps chewing the bars on his cage and I don't want him to get sick. I gave him wood chews but, he still chews the cage. What should I do?

Mine do this and I’ve tried a few things, to no avail.  At first I was afraid too, because they were biting the paint off and now the bars are bare.  I tried putting things on the bars that made them taste bad, but unless I did it to literally every bar it did nothing - they always found a way lol.
All I can tell you is that it’s hopefully ok - my babies never got sick, and the only problem I ever had is that now my bars look terrible lol.  They do it every time I wake up, want a treat, or just want to be noticed, and I know a lot of other Piggie Pals have the same problem.  The only bad thing to ever come of it is that they occasionally break their teeth doing it, which is fine because in 2 days they’ve grown back.

Is there anything in particular that you’re afraid of?
Also, Piggie Pals - have you ever found a way to remedy this???  Again, I know it’s something we share in common a lot lol, but has anyone succeeded in stopping this behavior?

ultra-mangos replied to your post: This morning as soon as I put my hand …

oh no, he’s going to be glued to you forever now. that’s how artoo was and how my first budgie, zippy was. they considered themselves to be bird-people and not just birds.

Oh no, another adorable bird friend!  :D

I think part of it is that he and the other budgies still aren’t really sure what to do with each other.  Horatio has gotten better, but will still occasionally knock Phin off of perches sometimes just because he can, and as a result I’m not comfortable leaving Phin with the other budgies unless I’m there to supervise, so he still has his own cage he goes into when we’re not home.  Violet and Phin clearly don’t know what to think of each other, so mostly they just avoid each other or eyeball each other awkwardly.  Phin is VERY confused by Oliver, because half the time Oliver is very sweet and twittery and will regurgitate to Phin (which Phin LOVES), but the other half of the time Oliver helps Horatio bully Phin—sometimes Horatio and Oliver will sandwich Phin in between them on a perch, and then take turns growling at Phin as he tries to get past them.  :(  I think as a result Phin is starting not to trust Oliver (not that I blame him).