hes still a cutie though


Gratuitous picspam of Satoshi with children~ <3

In fact, across the series, Satoshi really learned to handle a group - not only an isolated disruptive element in it, but a group as a whole even when there is someone causing dissent. He progressively took a liking to taking care of kids, getting really into it, appearing more and more responsible, competent and pedagogical enough to grab their attention, being able to relate to them as future trainers like he himself was as a kid, and happily guiding them and giving them tips. He even familarly got called onii-chan during Best Wishes!.

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pxkemonmaster asked:

throws url at your face buT NO PRESSURE TO RESPOND

send me a url and I’ll answer the following.

opinion on.
character in general. !!! ok so i was always just /: towards ash, but i have this friend ( coughs
                                   at kidhowl ) who really loves him and made me realize what a cutie
                                   he is?? i still love gary more though.
how they play them. we haven’t roleplayed yet! ( i have your starter in my drafts!! ) but im super
                                   excited to?? i’ve seem some of your threads and you look rlly good tbh
the mun. we havent talked!! ( y e t )

do i.
rp with them. s o o n.
want to rp with them. YAHS MORE POKEANI. 

what is my.
overall opinion. yahs


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