Tobias + beating up people who threaten Tris


500% more ladies in everything → a medieval matriarchy

medieval Briton is the last bastion of a matriarchy that traces its dynasty to the time of Ancient Rome, and like any regime its court is rife with political intrigue, murder plots, and power grabbing, but one rule has resonated through the annals of Briton’s history—it must always be a queen, never king; a hard lesson learned by Boudica’s daughters after successfully driving their Roman conquerors out.

When would-be king Henry Plantagent crosses the English channel from the Continent of Men, his intentions are to marry the current ruling queen’s eldest daughter, take Briton for his own, and convert the pagan country to Catholicism—a task blessed and named the “Marriage Crusade” by Pope Innocent II. But Briton’s divided houses agree to set aside their feuds to and join together to battle this latest threat. Their only hope of preserving their way of life is standing united.

"Do not mistake my courage, sir. My mother taught me to war well. I have no doubt they plot my demise and scheme for my throne, but I’d sooner put an arrow in your heart than in any of theirs."


so flippen dONE with wookie in this mv!  ;A;


Mino’s words to Seungyoon after Team A’s leader switch.