hes literally going to kill me

on victor frankenstein and lily

Preface: I actually enjoy Victor as a character quite a bit…  Moreso this season than last, in fact.  This is an entertaining storyline.  

Similarly, I adored characters like Lucretia (rapist; murderer, for God’s sake, literal baby-killer; slave-owner, etc.) and Ilithyia (murderer; rapist by proxy; slave-owner, etc.) on Spartacus.  I loved their storylines, which often included murder and the general torture of slaves.  (That being said, Spartacus almost always dealt with these things in the correct way.)  But I always acknowledged that what they were doing was wrong.

“But Brona was already dying!  He gave her a mercy kill.”

So if I go out and shoot someone with HIV/AIDS, terminal cancer, whatever, I’m just mercy-killing them, right?  Good on me.  Whether you think Brona–who had end-stage TB for fuck’s sake, I can’t believe you guys are saying silence is consent holy shit–“wanted” him to kill her or not, she never asked for or consented to it.  Frankly, I think dying in the arms of Ethan, the man she loved, would have been preferable to being smothered by some stranger.

Also, Victor didn’t kill Brona out of mercy.  He killed her because he needed a bride and she was convenient.  

“But the Creature/Caliban/John Clare is just as bad!”

Well, yeah.  Doesn’t excuse what Victor is doing?  And as much as I hate the Creature, I must admit that he wouldn’t exist if not for Victor.  And he likely wouldn’t be as fucked up if Victor hadn’t totally abandoned him?

“But he is letting Lily make her own choices!”

With no knowledge of her past or her actual relationship to him.  On the basis of outright lies?

“But he isn’t making Lily into his ideal woman!  He let her dress how she wants!”

After he named her, dyed her hair, cut it, and picked out those clothes (and also gave her a fake past and taught her to speak, interact, and son on).  Ooh, Victor didn’t make Lily wear a corset.  What a gent.

“I don’t know why everyone is so surprised that Victor had sex with Lily, bae has always been the worst!!!”

Yeah, I don’t think anyone critiquing him is surprised.  Him being the worst already doesn’t mean you can’t call him out?

“But Lily came on to him!”

Not knowing their actual relationship, having been lied to every step of the way, and left with practically no one else to emotionally depend on in her life.  This is rape by coercion.  

Enjoy him.  Acknowledge that he is sick and wrong and that Lily is, for all intents and purposes, his victim.

random things the signs have said to me
  • TAURUS:"physical education is not a lesson it's a method of torture"
  • GEMINI:"people don't smile like that unless they have something to hide"
  • CANCER:"it's making me really upset, like I cried twice about it yesterday"
  • LEO:"yeah he looks like my brother but hotter and less related to me"
  • VIRGO:"no you can't follow him he's mine...fine but like any of his pictures and I'll kill you"
  • LIBRA:"I can't wait to leave this school and become an actor"
  • SCORPIO:"I can't live without wifi, I need to check up on people's twitters"
  • AQUARIUS:"god you're so annoying get out of my seat"
  • CAPRICORN:"...and I was like bitch if I cared I'd ask"
  • PISCES:"literally I'm just going to hibernate for the whole holiday"

Do you all remember when Melissa Ponzio posted that X-Ray.

link to her Instagram post: https://instagram.com/p/0LzpyVh1co/

I know literally nothing about how to read an X-Ray. But I think the image is of someone’s spine.

I do recall someone on tumblr who knew someone with knowledge of this stuff mention it was a seriously bad injury, I think of the spine or some part of it.

If the images are connected and the X-Ray is Stiles It might mean he has a broken back from his Car accident.

And I was concerned before about the accident before and now maybe this!

This season is going to kill me.

Seriously Just seeing him in that short moment unconscious in the jeep upside down with fire in the back ground is just giving me tears.

  • What she says:I'm fine
  • What she means:Mobius has Joseph, and honestly, I don't know what terrifies me more; the thought of them making him into one of the monsters he's scared of becoming, or Sebastian having to cope without his partner. He's lost literally everything. Joseph was all he had left. And if they go head to head against each other, if Joseph becomes a twisted caricature of what he used to be, that violent, crude entity in the DLC--I'm afraid that THAT is going to destroy the both of them. Joseph, physically; Sebastian will be forced to kill him, and he'll be gone for good. And Sebastian? Emotionally destroyed. Mentally destroyed. His best friend, his partner, gone. And then he'll be all alone again.

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Harry being chill about Hercules borrowing Cerberus, but when Eggsy find out he goes ballistic, and Merlin is like what the fuck.

Eggsy has been sulking on Merlin boat for the past… Well, Merlin isn’t sure how long. Too long though. 

“You’re taking up too much space,” He complains while Eggsy rudely stretches out. 

Eggsy huffs, “Cry me a new death river and stick a new rowboat in it.” 

“This isn’t a rowboat.” Merlin lets it go because Eggsy starts sniffling. He sighs and looks around, but the souls on his boat look on too caught up in their own deaths. “Mr. Pickle will be fine.” 

“Harry just let that guy take him!” Eggsy wails immediately, kicking one of his legs vehemently. “Like it was all fine!” 

“He…made Heracles promise not to harm him–” 

“He has literally killed his own children.” Eggsy glares into the distance, knowing as well as Merlin that Harry is watching from somewhere. It surprises most people how calm Harry is compared to how wrathful Eggsy can get. 

Merlin is used to it, because no matter who is throwing the tantrum, for some reason they always come running to him. 

“I swear, if anything happens to my damn dog I’ll literally destroy Thebes.” 


It’s a tinderbox and I will burn it to the ground!”

Not to mention what would happen if Lee found out how upset his son was. Merlin pats Eggsy’s head awkwardly. 

Shortly after Mr. Pickle returns unscathed, and Harry learns a valuable lesson about lending out Eggsy’s pets.

For more Hades!AU X / X / X



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Word Count 671

A shoe flew across the room, smacking the wall behind Luke’s head.

“What the fuck, (Y/N)?” Luke yelled, staring behind him in disbelief. The heel of your best stilettos had left a deep dent in the wall, something that could have been Luke’s forehead if you had better aim.

“How could you do this to me, Luke?” you said, tears welling up in your eyes as he stared at you grimly, fists clenched at his sides.

“How could I do this to you?” he asked. “You literally just tried to fucking kill me with that flying-thing.”

You both stared at each other, breathing heavily, before he shook his head and walked past you to the closet.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m leaving,” he spit, grabbing a jacket and shrugging it on, avoiding your gaze. This was nothing like the warm, sweet Luke you were accustomed to.

“Wait, Luke -” you started, but he had already slammed the door behind him before you could apologize.


It was three in the morning and you were still wide awake. You were lying in bed, the lights turned off, grasping your phone to your chest in hopes that Luke would text you and tell you he’s coming back. But you were starting to lose hope as the hours ticked by and not one text or call came.

Your cheeks were stained with tears and your body was quivering despite the blanket covering you. Could this be it? Could this be the end of your relationship with Luke?

When you heard the front door open a few minutes later, relief flooded through your body. You pushed your covers off of you and sat up in your bed as Luke appeared, a look of pure guilt on his face.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” he said as soon as he saw you, rushing to envelope you in his arms. “I don’t know why I did that. I was angry and pissed and I felt so bad about it afterwards, you don’t understand. And I don’t want you to go asleep mad at me because I’m such a dick. I couldn’t even make it out the building, I just stayed outside the door, feeling bad and babe, I’m so, so sorry,” he rambled.

He had his hands on either side of your head, scanning your face to gauge your reaction.

“It’s my fault, Luke. I-It’s just, you’re always, always away on tour and it seems like I never get to have you to myself anymore. I’m scared I’m losing you, and I don’t want that to happen.”

Luke shook his head, leaning forward to place a chaste kiss on your lips. “(Y/N), you know I could never move on from you. You’re just about the only constant thing in my life and if you were gone, I’d have nothing.”

You smiled a little bit, crawling forward to straddle his lap and wrap your arms around his waist. He instinctively grabbed your hips and pulled you closer.

“How about you come with me?” he mumbled against your shoulder. “Come with me on tour so that we don’t have to be apart all the time.”

You leaned back and took a good look at him to make sure he wasn’t joking.

“I’d have to finish up college first,” you said slowly. “And have someone come to our apartment weekly to water the plants and dust a bit.”

“I can arrange for that,” Luke said immediately, gazing up at you hopefully.

“Then … okay. I guess, I’m going with you on tour!” you said, breaking out into a huge smile.

Luke mirrored your expression, a small giggle escaping from his lips.

“It’s going to be so much fun! We’re going to prank Michael together, and cuddle with Michael together, and have lunch with Michael together …” Luke said, nearly bouncing up and down in excitement.

“Luke, I know he’s your best mate and all, but sometimes I feel like Michael’s the girlfriend and I’m just the side-chick.”


this sucks, forgive me :(

I can’t wait to have a kid in like 20 years time and I get to tell them about what it was like watching Steven Gerrard play and shoot from 30 yards, how Luis Suarez looked like he was going to score every time he got the ball, when Carragher was going into a tackle and you knew he wouldn’t back out, when Coutinho gets the ball and the whole crowd rises with anticipation, when Skrtel would kill himself going up for a header and require treatment on his head for the 8th time this season and not to mention Migs or Pepe with their great shot stopping abiliy, you know nothing’s getting past them.

Yeah, that’s gonna be pretty awesome.

Over the Garden Wall starter sentences

“Uhh…____..? Where..are we?”

“____! I think we’re lost!”

“This guy sounds loony. Maybe we should make a break for it.”

“That was your plan remember? ‘Knock him out!’“

“This is my lot in life, this is my burden.”

“So is it nice being a bird?”

“How can you not eat waffles?!”

“___…stop talking to a bush.”

“Maybe they’re going to bury you out here!”

“No no, sorry everybody, sorry. S/he doesn’t have a brain, s/he can’t learn anything.”

“I’m a pushover, remember? I have to do what she tells me to do.”

“You two are literally killing me every moment I’m forced to spend with you.”

“Maybe never! Maybe I’ll never give this up!”

“Okay, I think he’s asleep…let’s go steal his stuff!”

“The beast is upon you!”

“That’s all well and good but you were supposed to get directions!”

“My secrets are too secret.”

“Seriously, nobody wants to hear me play.”

“–We just needed to get out of the rain and we thought this place was abandoned so…”

“The ringing of the bell commands you!”

“I would never leave you, you are my family.”

“I just don’t know what I’m doing out here anymore.”

“I don’t know if we’ll ever get back home.”

“Yes..yes! All hope will soon be lost.”

“Don’t you care about your ____’s soul?”

“There has to be another way.”

“No, there is only me. There is only my way. There is only the forest and there is only surrender.”

“____..can we please stop pretending that we’re going to get home?”

“But…anything is possible if you set your mind to it….right?”

“I’m sorry I got us lost ____.”

“We made a promise, didn’t we?”

“That tape has got poetry and clarinet on it ____! POETRY AND CLARINET!”

“At least wait until that storm dies down a bit, you’ll be no good to your ____ dead.”

“I was never any good to him/her alive either.”

“You have figured it out! And I thought you might give up.”

“I suppose after all these years you just don’t care for her anymore…”

“Hold your tongue or I’ll remove it from your mouth!”

“____? ….____ I did it..I beat the beast.”

“Give me my lantern.”

“Your ____ is too weak to go home!”

“Well then…perhaps we better make a deal..”

“Are you ready to see true darkness?”

“Here, ____. I’ve got my own problems to take care of; this one’s yours.”

“Stop! You’ll never see your ____ again!”

“Are you really ready to go back to that empty house!?”

“You can listen to it at my house!”

“Honey, eat your dirt.”

  • <p><b>otp:</b> literally looks at each other for just a split second<p/><b>me:</b> look its so obvious that they want each other. are the writers trying to kill me?? look at the way he/shes pupil moves a inch closer directed to he/shes eye, it indicates his heart yearning for love. its so obvious why aren't they together?? im going to file a complaint<p/></p>

Nothing has disgusted me more then what is happening with Josh Duggar and the response people are having over it.

The “He was just a boy, he didn’t know any better”, that shit needs to STOP.

There are literally 14 year olds in America going ot prison for LIFE for killing people. That are literally 14 year olds out there right now who know EXACTLY what the fuck they are doing as they sexually assault young girls and boys. Josh Dugger KNEW for a fact what he was doing, he is npt innocent, it’s not some “Opps I made a mistake” moment. He MOLESTED 5 girls, atleast 3 of which were his SISTERS.

What is worse is that his response SHOWS he has no remorse for what he did. He never talks about ruining his sisters’ lives, he only talk about how it would ruin HIS life if he continued, meaning that he probably would have continued on for years. He didn’t care about his victims, he still doesn’t. And his parents don’t care either.

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Your rewatch of Kill la Kill made me go rewatch some eps too. As I did, I couldnt help but think, "god, imagine how much better this show would be with writers that DONT think that rape, peeping and molestation jokes are hilarious". It is sad.

I watched it with a bunch of dude friends and I remembered saying something to this effect and all three of them said “What??? That’s not true.”

“But… it literally is a rape joke. The joke is he’s not raping her. That’s not a funny joke.”

“But he’s not raping her, he’s a sailor uniform.”

“Yeah but it’s still alluding to rape? The scene looks like a rape scene.”

“Okay I see where you’re coming from, but I disagree.”

“There’s nothing to disagree with here! It’s literally attempting to emulate a rape scene! THAT IS LITERALLY THE SCENE.”

So I’ve never been more uncomfortable and afraid around a man in my life but whaaaatever men are garbage

About a week ago, my husband came skipping into the house proclaiming he had a surprise for me and that “it would appear soon out the window.”

Yesterday afternoon, I went out the backdoor to go on an errand and found THIS burned into the grass.

My husband literally used weed-killer to draw a giant heart in our lawn.

The grass may be dead, but I’m secretly swooning ;)

Oh, the married life I live.

Things we should be talking about

-Sam and Dean are both good again!!!
-What was that black smoke?!? Was it literal darkness or demons or what?!? Maybe it was hell?
- what is metatron going to do with the demon tablet now?
- what is the aftermath of death dying
- the fact that Dean probably was going to kill SAM before he saw the photos

That last one kills me

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I need you in my bedside table telling me all about this cuties albus and scorpius, please, tell us more <3

hey hi hello, i come at a prince of 19.99 plus shipping and handling !!

  • Albus is literally the most innocent person you could meet, and it literally kills Scorpius that nobody realizes that Albus is definitely not as innocent as he seems, and he’s like “guys pls, he literally just dragged me into a broom closet 3 minutes ago” and everyone is like, “what?? no he didn’t he’s like 8 years old scorpius pls” and Scorpius is like cries.
  • I’m going to talk about height differences. Albus is probably the shortest person in the Weasley-Potter family, like he is ridiculously short, and he doesn’t understand because Harry isn’t even that short of a person, and Ginny is obviously very tall, and Albus is like why me. Like, Lily is easily taller than Albus and she’s two years younger than him. Albus is literally about 5′5. Scorpius is probably about 6′1, and because of Albus’ shortness literally all Scorpius does is kiss his forehead, and his temples, and Albus is like I s2g get ur butt down here and kiss me.
  • Haha omg, James buys Albus a step stool for Christmas as a joke.
  • When ‘formally introducing’ Scorpius as his boyfriend, literally Harry and Ginny didn’t believe Albus. Like they literally were like “we know, you’ve been dating for years.” and Albus and Scorpius are like “oh my god why.”
  • Another on formal introductions, while introducing Albus to Narcissa and Lucius, literally all Lucius said was “Does this mean we get to stop hearing you go on about him for hours at Christmas?” and literally, Scorpius’ face was priceless.
  • To add on, Narcissa asked Albus when they were getting married, and how many children he wanted.
Supernatural Finale (mostly the ending) Thoughts

- bruh. Like, am I the only one that thinks this darkness shit is gonna make a really good season!?

-like, this is some god level, lucifer level, higher than leviathans, Lilith, Abbadon, anyone, stuff

-did you hear Deaths speech? It literally took God. GOD. And his army of ARCH ANGELS to defeat weaver ever tf this is.

-don’t even get me started on Cas & Crowley

- Kill Cas and we riot. :)

- Rowena for Queen 2k15

- If we end the show on season 11, oh jeez. This is he way to go out! All the possibilities!!!

-I’m so freaking excited, how dare they make us wait 4 MONTHS!

-Sam’s willing to Die and his speech BROUGHT THE TEARS.

- wait. If death is dead… Doesn’t this create a whole other problem?.. How do things dies without death?…

-man. I’m hyped. GIMME SEASON 11

@ everyone saying that jake will me more confident when dirk talks to him again or jade wakes up


the issue is that jake’s literally realised everything he based his life off, except movies, is something he lacks; bravery, adventurousness, courage, etc, which is why jake can’t used his hope powers. this isn’t going to be something either of them can swoop in and solve instantly, and dirk has already tried to force jake to become a “killing machine”

dirk//jake fans trying to force the ship more than two years after they both broke up and jake stated himself he wasn’t sure if he could feel romantic attraction in addition to romanticising the shit out of some extremely manipulative relationships

sorry you have shit taste

Unspoken War//l.h.

I mean, it wasn’t like Luke intentionally decided to look hot all of a sudden. Or maybe he did. I don’t fucking know. I do know that it killed me and that I couldn’t talk to him over FaceTime without getting hot and bothered. Of course, it worried him the first few times I told him I had to get off-just so I could go and relieve some tension in the lower region-, so I had to withstand his growing sexiness. I had gotten good with waiting until he was ready to sleep or until he needed to do something for his band. Hadn’t stuttered or ended the call early.

And then, he came home.

I swear, I couldn’t speak right for about a day. He was just so cute and hot and sexy. When I first saw him, I wanted to pounce. Wanted to just fuck him on the coffee table in the middle of the living room in our flat. But, he was obviously tired, and I honestly didn’t want to make him even more tired. So, I waited. I was good with waiting after all.

It wasn’t until a week after he arrived home, that I realized he was teasing me this whole time. He did decide to look incredibly hot all of a sudden. I saw it in the way he smirked when I told him how hot he’s gotten. He thought he hid it, that bastard, but I saw it. I saw it in the way he made sure to walk out the bathroom every single time he took a shower in a loose towel around his waist, stating that he, “forgot his boxers again”. That little shit didn’t forget anything. I really saw it in his eyes right after he kissed me, and I whined out for more. He hadn’t fucked me yet and I was aching for his goddamn touch.

This little fucker knew exactly was he was doing to me, and I decided that fine, if he was going to tease me with his hotness, then I would tease him with mine. Thus saying, when I showered in the morning before I had to go to my study group with my friends, I always grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body, not even bothering to grip it tighter when it fell off my body halfway through the walk to my panty drawer. And when I had my undergarments on-that just so happened to always be lingerie-I sat on the end of the bed, sticking a leg up in the air to rub lotion on. I did it slow and at a pace that always made him fidget.

He didn’t stop, though. His teasing fucking continued. It continued and worsened. One morning, he didn’t even walk out in a towel. He just walked out butt ass naked like it was a normal thing. He could tell I was watching, hell, I was always watching. It was a nice sight to see.

One night, we were cuddling on the couch, watching a movie like we usually did on Saturday. Even if we were having this unspoken war, we still had normal conversations and cuddled and all that. On this particular night, however, I wanted to be cheeky and wear my lovely new leather thong I purchased in honor of this unspoken war (with its matching bra, of course). I was just in one of his sweaters and he was just in some boxers. Considering Luke was a tall motherfucker, his sweater came down to almost mid-thigh. Maybe two or three inches above that. So, he didn’t see my naughty choice of underwear. He would, though.

The credits rolled up, and I heard his snoring. Oh, perfect he was off guard. I bit my bottom lip, and moved my bum just ever so slightly against his crotch. His nose twitched, and then when I moved a bit faster, his hand found my hip. He let out a low groan and that was when I knew I had won this war. He was a goner now. “Y/N, please.” He grunted out. My movements stopped and I turned to face him. A smirk had crawled its way onto my lips. He was glaring at me, but I could tell he was just horny as fuck. I was horny as fuck. The sexual tension in the air couldn’t even be cut with the sharpest knife in the drawer. His hand on my hip tightened and he crashed his lips onto mine. It was a harsh kiss, tongues battling almost immediately.

My sweater-Luke’s sweater-was off in an instant, the kiss distracting him from looking at my lovely underwear. My hand found his semi outlining his boxers and I palmed him to take his attention off my lips and to my body. He let out a deep groan when he felt the pressure I was giving him, and then slowly raked his eyes down my frame, most likely to get himself fully hard. I bit back a smile when he sucked in a breath at my underwear. I remembered he told me, intoxicated, that he secretly loved leather. He never wanted to admit it sober, but he loved it.

He was hard within minutes, and he switched the positions on the couch, I was on the bottom, with him hovering over me, nipping kisses on my neck. He wasn’t smooth with it, either. He was rough, fast. He seemed rushed, and fuck did I love it. He had my hands pinned over my head as he rutted his hips against mine. “Fuck, you don’t know how much I fucking missed this.” He breathed in my ear, causing raised bumps to cover my skin. I moaned at the tone. He was desperate. He rutted against me again, and I knew that even if this underwear is sexy, it needed to come off. Hot, open-mouthed kisses were trailing down my skin, stopping at the top of the cup of my bra. “Luke, come on! Just fuck me already!”

“Don’t be impatient, baby doll.” I lifted my hips to meet his, and he finally undid my bra and slid it off my body after teasing me for a few more seconds. This new dominant Luke was probably going to be in my dreams for a few weeks. It was such an exciting sight. It was no wonder why I was soaking when my underwear was thrown across the room along with my bra. He chuckled up at me when he slid a finger up and down my heat, languidly. He was collecting my arousal, and fuck the way he was doing it made me want to scream. “Please, just fuck me, Luke. Please.” I begged, bucking my hips up. I needed it. I was dying for it.

He could probably tell by my fucked out appearance that I needed it. He nodded and kissed me one last time. Our lips moved fast against one another’s and his boxers were discarded and strewn around the living room like the rest of our clothing. I ended up on top, my hands placed on his broad chest. “Y/N, condom.” He spoke, realizing we didn’t have one. Lucky for us, I decided to take the pill right before he went away for tour. “I’m on the pill.” “Since when?” “How long have you been away on tour?” “Oh.” I giggled a little bit at his answer. Man, there was so much to love about this dude.

But, I was literally sitting on his dick and I didn’t want lovemaking tonight. Thus saying, shortly after our conversation, I lifted my hips and grabbed his cock in my hand. I rubbed his tip against my entrance, then sunk down onto his length. This was our first time without the condom, and I haven’t ever experienced anything so blissful than the warmth his cock was giving off, and the sound of his breathy moan. He felt so good inside of me, I had to take a moment to take it in. “Y/N, I need you to move, baby.” I snapped out of my dazed state and started moving up and down on him. “Fuck, Luke.” I moaned out, shivering at the way he felt so big. I was bouncing rapidly on his cock, my chest flush to his. He eventually began thrusting to meet my bounces, and I actually screamed. Luke was hitting my spot over and over and all the pleasure almost had me in tears.

My orgasm came so quick and so fast, I didn’t even have enough to tell Luke. He continued to pound into me, though. My mind was fogged, but when he shot his load inside of me, I reacted with a moan. Shit. That was intense. Our breathing was labored and I almost fell asleep right then and there. Just when I was about to go to sleep, a his gruff voice grunted in my ear, “You can’t sleep yet, darlin’, I’m not finished yet.”


This is really bad, sorry about that. I just needed something for Luke. He didn’t have anything other than a text au…so I felt bad. But here you go. I’m taking requests, so hmu bye