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I like scenes in movies more than movies, unless the movie is just one long effort at sustaining a particular mood or a hectic jumble trying to be fun (as long as it’s genuinely hectic, it doesn’t even have to be fun). I also like “boring” movies–ones where you have to feel yourself deciding again and again and again to keep watching until finally the movie’s over and you realize you were concentrating quite hard without certainty about what, if anything, you were going to gain. I love Werner Herzog documentaries, and like everyone I find his portentous narration sometimes hilarious, except when it attains the solemnity of an angry, sad science fiction novel, as in Lessons of Darkness, his best and most questionable film. I like the movie Beginners because the scenes with Christopher Plummer are both amazingly warm and patient, and the flashback sequences with Mary Page Keller are stunningly painful and entrancing, not to mention funny. The scene where she mock-shoots her young son, and he responds by mock-dying looks exactly the way it feels to know only certain dimensions of intimacy without, perhaps, being able to talk through the unknown dimensions. I also like Kelly Reichardt’s Old Joy for similar reasons, though Old Joy is almost a buddy comedy but without jokes and with buddies who mostly bum each other out. I look painfully into the future and foresee a day when there are no more Octavia Butler novels for me to read. I also feel this about Kim Stanley Robinson, Ursula K. Le Guin, and J.G. Ballard. Joanna Russ is not nearly as universally well-regarded as she ought to be, since she’s one of the funniest, saddest, and bracingly feminist writers I can think of–inside or outside of science fiction/fantasy. I have recently discovered that I love Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. I love re-reading old comic books, and I wrote this all while listening to the song linked below, as a sort of exercise to begin Tuesday, which is today.


Another 1000 reasons to fall in love with Sam Gold.  But back off, he’s mine*.

*If Amy Herzog is ever done with him.  I’ve called dibs.

Miu Miu Opening Tokyo

Miu Miu new store in Tokyo is the destination you cannot miss. 

Designed by legendary Herzog & de Meuron, who are also behind the Prada store across the street it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Omotesando area, especially on a sunny day, when the metal rooftop reflects the sunshine.

Here is the view from across the street.

And the facade window.

It is a two level store.

Love these shoe displays.

For the launch, Miu Miu had a fashion show followed by an afterparty, that was probably one of the biggest in Tokyo.

Miu Miu invited many guests from overseas.

Mira Duma from Buro 24/7

Show and the afterparty venue, that was probably one of the biggest in Tokyo. 

Not the best night pictures from my iphone.

Amazingly we went to all the festivities with the legendary milliner, Stephen Jones, (who happened to be in Tokyo for a several days showcasing his fabulous headpieces). Here with Stephen, P-chan,  Sawa, also a milliner and former apprentice of Stephen and yours truly. 

Go and visit - Miu Miu store:

ミュウミュウ 青山店


電話番号: +81 3 6434 8591

PS I had to “borrow” some of the official photos as my tiny bag for the event could only hold an iphone and no camera this time.