“The fight never ends. Look at it this way: Last year, the number of moviegoers dramatically declined by around 15 percent. So theater owners, who have a sort of blocking minority on the project funding committee, now want to fund only so-called commercial projects, and yet they don’t have the slightest idea what’s ‘commercial.’ So they fund films like Das Schweigen im Walde, Hans Habe’s Netz, or Simmel’s Lieb Vaterland, magst ruhig Sein, and all these films go on to play even less than Kaspar Hauser. For twenty-five years, they’ve been co-funding their own ruin, because they always appeal to the stupidity of viewers, instead of carefully and systematically cultivating a cinema public. While theaters here annually lose about 10 percent of their viewers, for the past six years I have personally gained 10 to 20 percent more viewers every year. So there’s a dangerous, even fatal tendency behind all this, if all you fund are those types of films. It will end in catastrophe.”

- Werner Herzog in 1976