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Tanz der Vampire  - 1997; Vienna, Austria - Steve Barton, Cornelia Zenz, Aris Sas, Gernot Kranner, Eva Maria Marold. 2-camera proshot of the original cast with optional English subtitles. Act 1 | Act 2

Elisabeth - August 29, 1992; Vienna, Austria -  Pia Douwes (Elisabeth), Uwe Kröger (Der Tod), Ethan Freeman (Luigi Lucheni), Viktor Gernot (Kaiser Franz Joseph), Andreas Bieber (Kronprinz Rudolf), Else Ludwig (Erzherzogin Sophie), Christa Wettstein (Herzogin Ludovika/Frau Wolf), Wolfgang Pampel (Herzog Max). Proshot of a dress rehearsal with the original cast. Download.

Phantom of the Opera -  April 6, 2006; Dallas, Texas - Gary Mauer, Elizabeth Southard, Jim Weitzer, Kim Stengel, John Jellison, DC Anderson, Patti Davidson-Gorbea, John Whitney, Kate Wray. Download.

Les Miserables - September 17, 2010; Barbican Theatre, London -    Christopher Jacobsen*, Earl Carpenter, Madalena Alberto, Gareth Gates, Katie Hall, Rosalind James, Ashely Artus,Lynne Wilmot, Jon Robyns. Download. 

Cinderella - March 2, 2013; Broadway -  Laura Osnes (Ella), Santino Fontana (Prince Topher), Victoria Clark (Fairy Godmother), Harriet Harris (Evil Stepmother), Ann Harada (Charlotte). Download.


Evita - October 30, 2001 - Graz, Austria -  Luzia Nistler, Jesse Webb, Thorsten Tinney, Predrag Stojanovic, Gaby Kosik. Download.

Les Miserables - August 12, 1989; London -  Peter Karrie, Philip Quast, Grania Renihan, Janet Mooney (u/s), Jacinta Whyte (u/s), Michael Cantwell, Julian Forsyth (u/s), Gay Soper. Download.

Phantom of the Opera -  Third Studio Recording w/ Ethan Freeman, Claire Moore, and John Barrowman. Download.

one time after some impulsive deletion, my ex/then-boyfriend was recreating his facebook account and became strangely stymied by the prospect of listing his own likes and dislikes. working himself into a snit, he began to say to me, “uh yeah huh huh what do YOU like, like WERNER HERZOG and DAVID CRONENBERG? like WILLIAM BURROUGHS and JG BALLARD? huh huh yeah that’s what ASSHOLES like. ASSHOLES LIKE YOU. i’ll put that too huh huh then ASSHOLES will think i’m COOL”. i was so used to quietly allowing him to throw fits that i didn’t say, “if you think i’m such an asshole, why are you still dating me?” today the abuse isn’t even as interesting as the fact that he didn’t really have any opinions of his own, at least that he cared more about than the idea of being popular even with people he didn’t know or like.


Herzog & de Meuron /// Stone House /// Tavole, Italy /// 1988  
OfHouses guest curated by Weltgebraus: “The house has a closed/stable ("Weltgebraus-resistant”) part and a rather opened/ambiguous one.“
(Photos 1-9 © Margherita Spiluttini, Marcello Mazzei, Lorenzo de Chiffre, Balthasar Burkhard, Pierre de Meuron).