Gently manhandling a Plains spadefoot toad [Spea bombifrons] to incite a release call, which sounds like an angry grunt. The black markings on the back of his feet are the ‘spades’ that give spadefoot toads their names.

daisyage123 asked:

Hi - I’m new to Tumblr and only registered because I’d read about the #herpblr support being good, especially your blog. I’m a bit uncertain of how Tumblr/herpblr works - do I just follow people, like you, and talk with people who are in the same position? I was diagnosed with HSV2 about a month ago and I’m really struggling to come to terms with it. Devastated.

I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. But you’ve come to the right place! Welcome!

Tumblr is like you Facebook Newsfeed and a blog had a baby. If you follow people, their posts will show up on your home page, in order.

When you post things, you have the option of adding hashtags at the bottom, separated by commas. #Herpblr consists of Tumblrs maintained by HSV+ people, and we put #herpblr or #herpes or #hsv in our tags. If you use the Search Tumblr field at the top of the screen to search for any of those tags, you’ll find us!

You can also keep an eye on the notes of herpes-related posts (or this one!) to see who else has hearted or reblogged them, and find other HSV-sensitive Tumblrs that way.

When you post, add your own tags so we can find you. If you’re responding to somebody’s message, like I am to yours, and you want to add tags, hit Post, then from the posted post, hit edit, and add your tags. :) You can respond to posts either by reblogging and adding commentary, or clicking the speech bubble at the bottom of the post, if there is one, and adding a comment as a note. (People can’t really respond directly to those, though.)

I disclosed for the second time in my life.

Not as happy go lucky as my other post, but not bad either.

I had spent the night at his house last night, we didn’t really do anything until this morning and we started to get touch-feely, and that’s when I told him. He said, “well, that’s disappointing.” I told him I understood if it freaked him out, but I wasn’t anywhere near ready to have sex again anyways, and he told me he wasn’t looking for that either. Then we just made out some more. 

So idk. haha. I don’t even want a relationship right now, but making out is fun, so, eh. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Check it out I finally made a Vine


After three years on Teen Wolf, you’ve had your fair share of makeout scenes. What’s been your biggest revelation?
Make sure they don’t have oral herpes. We have a couple of cast members who have cold sores, and when they have outbreaks, kissing scenes legally have to be rescheduled. I am not getting mouth herpes from Teen Wolf. You can take my dignity, but you’ll not take my lack of mouth herpes.



"Danielle Susan Ruger", set this tortoise on fire and then threw him all over the street.
I don’t have much information on it, but that one of her friend’s on Facebook saved this horrendous video to his phone before she deleted off of Facebook. Apparently, she’s from/located in Orange Park.
Please, if you can in any way, report this person right away!
She needs to pay for torturing this poor animal now.