Northern Rubber Boa (Charina bottae)- San Mateo County, CA

A heavily scarred sub-adult boa that I found in the Santa Cruz Mountain Range. Typically, wild boas tend to have scarring on their tail tips, as they use their blunt tails to distract and deter mother rodents as they raid nests. However, the scars on this particular boa seem to indicate a predation attempt- most likely a bird.


In response to the nasty comments I got on my previous post, there is something I want to say to all of you.

I don’t care who you are, if you have herpes or not. NO ONE SHOULD EVER SETTLE. NO ONE. Better fucking believe I’m going to put that in all-caps. If you don’t have a STD, great, DON’T SETTLE. If you have a STD, coolio, DON’T SETTLE.

Life is too short to settle. Don’t EVER accept anything less than someone who amazes you in every single way. 


I was texting him tonight and he told me everything I said seemed common knowledge to him and that he knew there was more to me than hsv and he didn’t want a past mistake to be a defining part of how he viewed me because he would hate for me to do the same. Bless this boy. Bless him.


A vital element in many traditional Oriental medicines, the Asiatic Toad or Miyako Toad [bufo gargarizans] is believed to help cure infection. In fact, a peptide with fungus and bacteria-killing properties yielded from their toxins was patented in South Korea in 1998! 

Found at low, non-forested altitudes, the Asiatic toad is a common visitor to Chinese gardens. Females are quite hefty and have been reported to grow to nearly 6 inches in length. Despite this their diet consists primarily of ants and other small prey. Their call is said to be a low trill.

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I just wanted to thank you guys so so so much!!! You have all been so supportive and I love you all so much! I would be a mess if I didn’t have you guys to talk to and to get yalls opinions and encouragement. You are all beautiful amazing wonderful people :)

New Spots in Northern California

I spent all of Sunday exploring new spots in Sonoma and Mendocino counties with Luke Talltree. In hopes of beating the heat, we left San Francisco early in the morning and made our way up into the Mayacamas Mountain Range in Sonoma/Napa County. We found many potential localities for the elusive St. Helena Mountain Kingsnake- a snake I will be targeting in the Spring, as well as quite the number of rattlesnake dens.

Taking a break from checking out rock outcroppings, we walked along a beautiful creek where we observed many Foothill Yellow-legged Frogs and a gorgeous California Red-sided Garter Snake. This was my first infernalis from Sonoma County.

We moved on up into Mendocino County to scout out some potential Oregon Garter Snake habitat. Although we came up short, it was great checking out the area.

Nothing beats 12+ hours of herping in new areas to hold you over till the weekend!