Interesting stuff from the World of Thedas Vol.2

Hero of Ferelden and companions:

  • Duncan had met Alistair previously before recruiting him. He was the one who took him to Redcliffe castle after his birth, and evidently asked after him and looked after him throughout his life, unbenowest to Alistair.
  • When Morrigan is around twelve, Flemeth is mentioned as looking like a grandmother.
  • Morrigan as the arcane advisor is a separate position from the Court Enchanter Vivienne. They were together at court at the same time.
  • Morrigan dug up a magical mirror for the Empress. It is unknown if it is the same eluvian she has later.
  • Leliana’s mother’s name was Oisine.
  • Wynne was named after the freehold she was found in: Langwynne. She was found an unnamed orphan.
  • Felsi and Oghren have been in and out of a relationship three times: once before his engagemen to Branka, once after Branka left, and when the Hero reunites them.
  • Arainai is the name of the Crow House that Zevran belonged to.
  • Zevran was in a polyamorous relationship with Rinna and Taliesen.
  • Mentions of Zevran leave it ambiguous on whether the Hero recruits him (though you can infer that s/he did). Historically, it is unknown.
  • Zevran is dismantling House Arainai, killing key members. They call him the Black Shadow.
  • Mentions of Anora and Loghain mostly deal with pre-Blight material, and don’t explicitly suggest what happened to them (although one can infer that Loghain was executed, Alistair is king, and Anora is ambiguous).


  • An Archdemon prison was found. Darkspawn corpses were found, hands on the ground and kneeling as if praying. It had a magical, oppressive aura, and darkspawn wouldn’t go into the chamber.
  • Lily, Jowan’s lover, regretted not trusting him in that moment.
  • Teagan is criticized as spending too much time in the Free Marches. Apparently he spends more time there than in his arl.
  • Aeonar was deserted during the Mage-Templar War with no signs of violence. What became of the people in it is unknown.
  • Eleanor Cousland was Eleanor Mac Eanraig of the Storm Coast, whose family were banns but also basically privateers. Eleanor was one of them, and the most talented, nicknamed ‘the Seawolf’ (some of which is in the book). She and Bryce met during the Rebellion, when Maric needed ships. There’s a famous ballad written about their bad first meeting that they never told their kids was about them.
  • There’s a statue of Riordan in Denerim’s market district.

The American Booksellers Association announced that The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black won its 2015 Indies Choice Book Award for Young Adult Book of the Year.

The Darkest Part of the Forest tells the story of Hazel and Ben who, after years of telling Faerie stories, have to become part of the stories they tell to help their town of Fairfold survive.

The Indies Choice Book Awards are voted on by independent bookstores across the U.S.

Young Adult Honor Awards were granted to Glory O’Brien’s History of the Future by A.S. King, Noggin by John Corey Whaley, The Shadow Hero by Gene Luen Yang and Sonny Liew, Tell Me Again How a Crush Should Feel by Sara Farizan and This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki.

So, something I was thinking about earlier when rereading some parts of the Last Battle (so spoilers). 

When Rand’s doing his mental list about people who go against the Shadow ‘a hero who will say with every breath he’s not a hero’ etcetera, one of the people he includes is Morgase. Which is interesting for a few reasons. For one, she’s the only person he includes who didn’t start out in the Two Rivers (narrative introduction wise, since everyone else is either a Two Rivers native or was in the Two Rivers for some reason at the start of the series). Two, it means Rand looked into what happened to Morgase in the time between her ‘death’ and reappearance in Caemlyn. And three, he felt what happened to her was more important to include in his list of people than Lan. 

That was something that always struck me; when Rand’s doing that mental rattle off of people going against the Shadow, Lan isn’t included. Nothing about a king who fights an unwinnable battle, nothing about that hints to Lan. Instead he references Morgase, Thom, Moiraine, Perrin, Nynaeve, Mat and Egwene. Lan’s the only character who’s from the very start of the series that isn’t included and Morgase the only character who appears later that is. That always struck me as weird, but then I had a thought earlier today. 

Morgase is the one character we know of who explicitly went through hell at the hands of one of the Forsaken and someone who served the Light (Valda). Yes, Valda was a rapist and in general an awful person, but he wasn’t a Darkfriend. He was basically the perfect example of a person who excuses their actions as being ‘righteous’ no matter what because they serve the Light. 

In some ways, Morgase needed to be thought of more than Lan when Rand’s making that list, because she didn’t break even though no one would have blamed her after all that happened to her. Rahvin’s actions didn’t break her and she even managed to escape him. Valda’s actions scarred her, but again, she didn’t break (she even had the foresight to abdicate so that she couldn’t be used against Elayne and Andor). The imprisonment and enslavement by the Shaido didn’t break her. 

Instead she kept on getting up; she was able to open her heart to love again. She was able to return to Andor and act as an advisor and an asset to Elayne. She was able to remain Morgase even in the worst of situations. Lan was in many ways raised to not break if something similar happened to him, but Morgase wasn’t. Morgase wasn’t but she still remained unbroken.

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