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I will be at HeroesCon June 19-21 in Indie Island, and as usual for that show I will be available for commissioned drawings.  If you’d like something drawn ahead of time, to pick up at the show, please email me at joey@tragic-planet.com

My standard rate for preordered commissions is $15 for a 5″x8″ single character ink drawing.  If you want multiple characters or anything else outside of that description, don’t hesitate to email me and we can discuss the price.

See you in Charlotte!


Six new prints debuting next month at heroes con - all prints will be 11.7 by 16.5 and $30 each 

- Space Mother

- ODY-C exclusive heroes Print 

- ODY-C covers 5,6 and 7 (to be revealed soon) 

- Somewhere we’re together 

Any remaining prints not sold at the show will then be available online via cadencecomicart

The Original artwork for ODY-C wil also be available for purchase for the first time at Heroes con. 


Ba-zam, the mini I whipped up real fast for Heroescon! A little less polished than I usually like, but hey I was on a time crunch!

I haven’t been working traditionally very much since I started my webcomic so it was a little weird going back to pen, it was really difficult but kinda fun! I’ll definitely be doing more mini’s in my sketchbook. I think keeping things loose and unrefined let’s me power through pages without getting too bogged down by my perfectionism.

Anyway, I really dig apocalypse stuff but always get turned off by the gratuitous violence/gore. I think It’d be really fun to do a long-form zombie story where you never actually see the zombies. Or at least, they never rip someones head off… I’m way more interested in the characters dealing with the new world order than the monster fighting aspect anyway.

If someone were to want a zombie apocalypse story centred around some awesome chicks, I know a comic artist in need of a job! ha ha

#Daily Sketch is for this years Heroes Con kids badge art. 

I’ve had the chance to do 3 years of badges now. The full set one year, and the kids badge 2 years. 

Heroes con was one of the first conventions I ever went to as a fan. Me and some friends of my drove over to Charlotte from Bristol, TN and walked around for the day. It’s very cool that all these years later I’m doing art for the badges for this show. 

Shelton, Rico and the whole Heroes crew always go out of their way to make it one of the best cons each year treat their guest like kings and queen. I’m lucky to have them as partners in this comic book business but also to call them friends. See you guys in a few weeks.


Captain Marvel Paperdoll

In honor of the very first Carol Corps meet-up at HeroesCon, I designed this Carol Danvers paperdoll pattern, which was then given out to everyone at the meet-up because Kelly Sue is super-awesome like that! \o/

The paperdoll comes with an optional bomber jacket and your choice of long hair or short hair. You can download a high quality pdf version of the pattern here: Captain Marvel Pattern.

(and a big thank you to fourteenacross for the bottom picture, because I completely forgot to take pictures that weekend!)