Banpresto Ichiban Kuji Stardust Crusaders lottery, 11 October 2014.

  • A Prize:  Blue Star Platinum 27 cm figure.
  • B Prize:  Jotaro Kujo action figure.
  • C Prize:  Heroic Stands WCF figures.
  • D Prize:  Jotaro Kujo ceramic plate.
  • E Prize:  Ceramic coffee cups with J-shaped handles.
  • F Prize:  Bandanas.
  • G Prize:  Heroes WCF figures.
  • H Prize:   Desk mats.
  • Last One Prize: Green Star Platinum figure.

Double chance prize will be an alt colorway Star Platinum.



You’re lucky. You’ve fallen in love with your best friend. The person who accepts you at your worst. The person who laughs at your stupid jokes. The person who knows you better than you know yourself.

Two Navajo Code Talkers died this past week, according to the tribal government and family members.
Guy Clauschee, 87, died early Thursday morning, September 11, 2014, in Fort Defiance. Services will be held at 10 a.m. on Monday at the Fort Defiance Presbyterian Church.

A Code Talker throughout most of World War II, Clauschee came back from the war and continued his education at the Ganado Mission. After graduating in 1950, he moved to Window Rock and started work with the Bureau of indian Affairs as a facilities management foreman. He retired after 40 years.

On Wednesday, September 10, 2014, tribal officials reported the death of another Navajo Code Talker, Robert Walley Sr., 93.

Walley served as a Code Talker from 1943 to 1945, during which he received a Purple Heart. He served in the 6th Marine Division and was a Marine Raider who fought in the Battle of Bougainville, Guam, Okinawa and the occupation of Emirau Island.

Both Walley and Clauschee received Congressional Silver Medals for their service as Navajo Code Talkers.

According to figures supplied by the Navajo Code Talkers Association, the number of Code Talkers has gone from more 400 to just 27.

Navajo Code Talker Guy Clauschee waits for the 68th annual Navajo Nation Fair parade to begin on Saturday morning, Sept. 6, 2014, in Tse Bonito, N.M. Clauschee passed away early Thursday morning of natural causes, according to his family. Funeral services will be on Monday.

Purple Heart recipient Navajo Code Talker Robert Walley Sr, 93, Chichiltah, N.M. According to his paternal granddaughter Tanya Walley, he lost his battle to cancer.

Silver Nez Perry (on FB):


M—Bii’ adeest’į́į́’

Ahxé’hée Shinálí, Shicheii, Shizhé’é … Yéego baa ‘áhééh nisin.
Ahxé’ee lą́ą nihich’ą́ą́ nísinbaa’

(Source: Navajo Times)


The character bios on Disney’s website are more detailed on mobile. And this is the only time I’ve seen Gogo’s last name spelled as “Tamago” instead of “Tomago”. It’s probably a typo but as someone learning the Japanese language it annoys me that they didn’t think it was important to use the correct word, especially after they changed Hiro’s last name from Takachiho (which isn’t even a real word as far as I know) to Hamada (which is a real Japanese family name).

In less than two years, X-fans will finally see the highly anticipated Apocalypse. At the end of Days of Future Past, our beloved mutant heroes are successful in taking down the Sentinels, preserving the race and presenting a new timeline. For the upcoming installment, classic characters, such as Marvel Girl and Storm, are set to appear. Wolverine is also returning (since when is he not?), but this time, he’ll be wearing his iconic yellow costume. What can we expect in the next film? Bryan Singer sheds a bit of light, commenting, “Apocalypse deals with ancient mutancy. What would humans have thought mutants were? You’re dealing with gods. And what if one survived and found his way into our world?”

Higher Power, by Raymund Lee.

anonymous said:

Did your dragonborn join up with any factions other than The Dark Brotherhood?

every faction except the Companions. they were too noble and dull for Po. she was just like “nobody is turning me into a fucking werewolf and making me save peoples lives like some kind of boring-ass storybook hero, ew absolutely not.”

and the Mage college was hilarious because except for the two basic entry requirements, Po didn’t use any magic whatsoever and then the mages were like “you are now the arch mage of this college, congratulations”.

she was just like “wait what, but I didn’t even use mag - okay alright yeah. does this mean I can do anything I want to now?”  ”uhh I guess -” “SWEET DAMN” *loots the entire college, teabags every rare book in front of the uptight orc librarian and then leaves forever*

Imagine the warden visiting Sten as the Arishok and calling him Sten and all of the Qunari just look super offended for a moment then Sten and the warden start conversing and Sten calls them Kadan and the Qunari go from offended to understanding because this is the hero of Ferelden the Arishok often references

why do we talk so much shit about self insert fanfiction? self insert fanfic is one of the most beautiful things in the world, like i doubt that there is a single person in this world that doesn’t sometimes stay up at night hoping that their favorite character will find them and and give them all the love they deserved but never received and take them on amazing adventures when they should be asleep