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The time has come…it’s the last twenty days.  My countdown will be working a little differently from here on out- the next 10 days will each be dedicated to one of the ten main characters.  After that, one per book.

Our first main character…Coach Gleeson Hedge!  

After a brief cameo in The Last Olympian, he stormed full on into the story in The Lost Hero.  A middle-aged satyr with a love for martial arts, baseball bats, and vegetarianism, I never expected to grow to love him as much as I do.

Through the series, his ridiculous protectiveness has both made me laugh and warms my heart.  Whether he was grounding Annabeth, or forcing Piper to train extra hard at gym (even before she knew she was a demigod) he’s held his demigods’ safety at the highest priority.  Coach Hedge is undeniably a source of comic relief, but he is so much more than that.

As of The House of Hades, he received news his wife Mellie was expecting.  And despite his crazy antics, we all know he would be the perfect father.  Let’s hope he survives to see that happen…

Here’s to you, Hedge.  Thanks for making us laugh, protecting our heroes, and being the most violent satyr in existence.  It’s been an awesome journey so far, and we can’t wait to see you help those cupcakes Nico and Reyna in The Blood of Olympus.  

Bye, Hedge.  It’s been a blast. 

[a fanmix about clint barton, natasha romanoff & their relationship]

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[ l i s t e n ]

James yawns as he slumps on the bus seat, running a hand over his face. Today has been tiring, and he’s ready to just go home. His hands twitch in his lap - it’s tempting to manipulate the colored lines in the air with his fingers, but he’s mastered the art of using his eyes by now. His green eyes flicker back and forth as he shoots off a message to his wife - a simple “Heading home. Love you.” - then relaxes in his seat, fiddling with his tie and undoing it to just hang around his neck. Another yawn escapes him, and he glances over at the nearest person, Hey, if I suddenly fall to unconsciousness, would you be so kind as to wake me up at some point? Preferably sometime before I end up spending the night here. He chuckles.


okay but hear me out

in the play, Hero DOES faint, and Beatrice DOES think she is dead for a period. Yes, in the play, it’s a short period, but the moment is still very real and powerful for her. And Claudio and Pedro walk away, genuinely thinking they’ve left her for dead.

That’s why they decide to start the death rumors and they believe it- because everyone saw her pass out and appear lifeless. 

WHICH leads me to conclude that in this adaptation, Hero must really be or have been sick. I think that the ambulance was definitely real (I mean obvs), and Hero definitely went to the hospital. 

She may or may not still be there, and Bea may or may not be planning to milk the situation for all it’s worth once she sees that Hero has made the turn for the better, but Hero /is/ definitely ill and recovering. 

So, I’ve decided my official position is that Hero got very sick. We didn’t hear from Beatrice during this time because she was genuinely worried about Hero and unable to talk about it. Hero has at this point made a turn for the better, and it’s clear she’s going to make a full recovery (but unclear where she is in that process- she very likely could still be hospitalized, just doing much better than before). Now that Beatrice isn’t overcome with worry and fear about Hero’s wellbeing, she’s been able to pay attention to the outside world, maybe hears that the rumors of Hero’s death have gone around, hears that Pedro and Claudio are feeling awful, and have discovered they were misled and wrong about Hero all along, and THEN Bea decides to have some fun….


Were we born to fight and die?
   Sacrificed for one huge lie?
    Are we heroes keeping peace?
     Or are we weapons?
      Pointed at the enemy
       So someone else can claim a victory?

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hey! I feel like you're probably getting a million and one questions about stuff being vegan/not at Starbucks; if you and your followers would like, I can answer any and all vegan-Starbucks-related stuff on my page (I'm a vegan Stbux barista) :)

I literally am, I can’t explain how much. :’) Thank you so much for being my hero! GUYS ASK THIS PERSON ABOUT STARBUCKS PLEASE!