We Need more Mary Sues

Few female characters get to be “the Chosen One” in science fiction and fantasy. Leia is as much the child of Darth Vader as Luke is, but only Luke gets to use the force, be recruited by his dad and ultimately save the day. We don’t get impossibly clever female sleuths or the sexy spies with the awesome gadgets. And on the rare occasions that we do get those characters, they’re denigrated as unrealistic Mary Sues.

I’ve spent a lot of time writing about the need for a wide variety of realistic female characters, but staring at that cup yesterday, I also realized how much we need unrealistic female characters. We need women to take roles that men have had in Hollywood for decades. The iconic characters. The Chosen Ones. The superpowered, and the impossible adventurers. The characters with the fast quips, the dark backstories, who are burdened with glorious purposes and discover that with great power comes great responsibility. The heroes that kids want to dress up as on the playground and want to be (against all realism) when they grow up.

We need more Mary Sues. We need more unapologetically powerful female characters, on a wish-fulfilment level of awesome. We need them to be gods and superheroes and billionaire playboy philanthropists and science experiments gone wrong and normal kids bitten by spiders who now save the world. Why should female characters have to be realistic, while male characters have all the fun? Why shouldn’t a female hero appear alongside Iron Man and Thor, in a way where she can truly hold her own?

We Need more Mary Sues 


The Truth about 1995:

Artemis was the Amazon who stole Wonder Woman’s shoes. Xena was a warrior princess who was on TV and was never a part of the DCU, to my knowledge.

Now for 2 Truths/1 Lie. The year is 1996!

  • DC and Marvel banned together to give comic reader what they want creating DC verses Marvel Comics. It was a four issue miniseries that pitted DC heroes against Marvel heroes and to keep things fair readers got to vote on who would win. This miniseries saw Thor defeat Captain Marvel, Aquaman taking Namor to the throne, the Flash running rings around Rouge, Robin taking down Iron Man, The Silver Surfer winning against Silver Banshee, Elektra sticking it to Halo, Wolverine cutting down The Joker, Wonder Woman kicking Professor X’s ass, Spider-Man taking down The Royal Flush Gang, Superman defeating Magneto and Batman triumphing over Morph. This series also ushered in the Amalgam Universe (which I would like to come back personally).
  • Kingdom Come was published. In this story Superman had retired after the death of Lois and a new crop of heroes emerged without the guidance of their elders causing them to spend their days in a series of violent skirmishes rather than helping the innocent. Wonder Woman would coax Superman out of retirement in order to rein in the new superheroes but the battle would take a turn when Lex Luthor in control of Captain Marvel would join the fight. A nuclear bomb would take out the majority of those involved in this battle of heroes verses anti-heroes but Superman would survive and help rebuild the future with Wonder Woman and Batman.
  • Clark and Lois got married in Superman: The Wedding Album. Superman had been de-powered and the events of The Final Night was still effecting everyone. The story was unique and chock full of characterization. Lois would search for the perfect dress and recount old Superman adventures, while Clark would get a visit from Bruce and Mr. Mxyzptlk before the two tied the knot with their close friends and family.
I have turned into complete #SolangeloTrash

Piper being an Aphrodite kid was the first to realise the mutual attraction between Nico and Will. .
. Of course, she didn’t tell Jason.
Of course, the whole crew of the Argo II did not find out.
Of course, the campers at Camp Half-Blood had no clue about it.
Of course, Reyna, Hazel and Frank did not come over on weekends to get their weekly updates on Solangelo.
Of course, Hazel and the Hecate kids didn’t try any “Misty tricks” to help them get together.
Of course, Piper did not use her charmspeak to ask them uncomfortable questions.
Of course, the Aphrodite cabin did not place bets on the time it would take Nico to realise Will liked him.
Of course, Percy did not try his best to find out why Will was apparently cuter than him.
Of course, Annabeth did not “accidently” weave them similar shirts for the one month victory celebration.
Of course, Frank didn’t turn into a bee and follow them around to find out what was going on.
Of course, Leo did not redecorate Nico’s cabin with grinning suns wearing cool shades.
Of course, Reyna didn’t carry Nico to the infirmary everytime she noticed even a tiny scratch on his hand.
Of course, Jason did not invite Will over to his and Nico’s table for breakfast, lunch and dinner every FREAKING day.

Of course… Nothing of the sort happened. 

OOC: The Plague That Scours the Dota 2 Community

[[ Usually I just ignore dicks in the game. If they get too much, I mute them. Or maybe troll back. Report them if they get too bad. Hell I don’t even play pubs at all, except when I’m in a party. I just hate humans. I hate the cocky bastards who think they’re the best because they got a well-timed rampage as Zeus, or because they merely have the least amount of deaths or the most amount of kills. *warning: Long post ahead.*

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