What do our comic book heroes do when they are not face to face with the enemy, or trying to save the life of a person in distress? - Benoit Lapray

This series of portraits imagine the secret, solidarity lives of superheros by placing them in vast, natural surroundings.



heroesladiesmonth [11/31] worst death


Not all heroes wear capes.

My heroes don’t. The heroes that I love so much are 5 amazing girls. Their names are Dinah, Normani, Camila, Ally, and Lauren. They’ve changed my life. They’ve been there for me even though they don’t know I exist. They’ve helped me through the hardest times in my life. On December 20, 2014 my grandpa passed away. His wife, my grandma died on September 19, 2014. The day he died I sent all of the girls a message just asking them to keep my family and I in their prayers over the holiday season. I went to a party that night only to come home and see someone responded. I opened the message up and Normani had responded to me. Her message gave my family and I hope. I cried tears of joy because I knew right then and there I wasn’t alone. That there was someone there for me. A lot of people say that celebrities don’t care about their fans and stuff. Fifth Harmony does car about their fans. If it weren’t for us they wouldn’t be where they are today. If Simon didn’t put them together as a group there wouldn’t be Fifth Harmony. I’m 8 1/2 months clean from self harm because these 5 inspiring girls saved my life. They’re my heroes because they are always there for you. They might not physically be there for you but they are there for you with their music. You girls mean the world to me and I hope to meet you all. I love you guys so much. Thank you for everything. (I want them to see this so help me out and stuff guys thanks) ❤️❤️❤️ ssweet-dispositionn waakeme-up showhimyoudaflyest normanikordeiofficial allybrookeofficial theofficialfifthharmony

Superpowers for the Signs

Aries : Enhanced strength and speed

Taurus : Immortality

Gemini : Power mimicry

Cancer : Time travel

Leo : Pyrokynesis

Virgo : Telepathy

Libra : Mental manipulation

Scorpio : Mind control

Sagittarius : Clairvoyance

Capricorn : Fear inducement

Aquarius : Levitation

Pisces : Healing touch