Ru Titley kit markers in use .

Andrew from http://valleydeepmountainhigh.tumblr.com twin Brother recently completed a Help for Heroes Saharan challenge which included trekking one of the worlds highest sand dunes .

Fitted to his Hill People Gear pack he choose to fit a mini sawn- off Strip -lights (top of pack in first pic )  which he had asked to be prototyped and fitted to the sides a red and green 10 hour mini chem- light holder  as kit markers both of which helped him to keep a tab on his pack in the sever sand storms they encountered .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from rtknives@hotmail.com

Beautiful persons... ♥


I am trying to not being so long with this, but… Okey, here I go.

I will be not here for three weeks. No, I am not depressed (Not again), I am nod mad or something, just VACATIONS, YAY!

Me and my family are going to travel out from the city for three weeks, and I am not sure if I am going to have internet, but, don´t worry, I swear I will be back, and ready to keep roleplaying as our beloved hero of light, okey?

I will miss you all, but I am happy because I am going to see you all again… <3 It´s a promise.

Special hugs for all my friends and partners:

raymesisthejackass (You are the most special  ♥ )
​ ( ♥ )

I will miss you all, guys! I will be back on three weeks, until then, good luck! And me and Rayman love you!  ♥  ♥

4/7/13 at Chain Reaction.

This was taken when The Ghost Inside performed ‘White Light’. That song, means so much to me. I know how Jonathan feels, I know what he went through. It’s so hard losing someone close to you. I won’t go into what my story is, but I still deal with it till this day. Anyways…I was front and center for that song. Vigil saw me crying uncontrollably (judge me). But yeah, he held me, sang to me in a way. Just….held my head in his arms. It was so meaningful. I screamed into the mic for most of that song too but like, I could hear the emotion in his voice….his eyes told a story. it’s hard to explain. This band has helped me deal with all the negative bullshit in my life. When I met Jonathan for the second time, I thanked him for everything. He also wrote “stay positive” on my ticket. And I’ve been doing just that.This photo means all the world to me. And i’m so thankful the photographer captured this moment. 

Credit: http://krystinalfonso.tumblr.com/


This my friends is character development.

This is a character with confidence.

This is a character who has been there, done that and knows the difference between right and wrong.

This is a character who has realized there is no pitch white or black in war or life in general.

This is a character who knows about sacrifices.

This is a character that knows sometimes you have to do bad things for the greater good.

This is a character that knows that others’ opinions about you shouldn’t matter to  you.

This is a character who has suffered just like everyone else.

This is a character willing to sacrifice anything for the good of the future.

This is a character willing to sacrifice anything for the good of many.

This is a character willing  to sacrifice themselves for what they believe in.

This is a character willing to sacrifice themselves for what they care about.

This is Vriska Serket, the Thief of Light, the Hero of Light.