anonymous said:

hermione isn't black .

You know what else she isn’t?


WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!  News flash! Hermione is a fictional character with very limited descriptions of her appearance, so yeah, she’ll be black if I want her to be. 

badwolflupin said:

YESSSS Jewish headcanons!!!! My own is that many spells are in Aramaic or Yiddish, and are often significantly stronger than similar Latin-based spells, due to their ancientness. ALSO ALSO Hermione is definitely part Mizrahi (I'm thinking Yemen or Morocco) but also has a polish half of the family and the mandatory holocaust stories that come with it. When she hears from Neville about the Jewish Wizard Help group his grandmother was in during WW2, she gets so excited,

she writes a 10 page letter home immediately. Obviously she spends the next year studying the history of Jewish wizardry worldwide in the hogwarts library. She isn’t the religious type at all, but through Yiddish magic and old Hebrew potion recipes she connects to her roots like she never had before.


hermioneistherealhero said:

Your cupcakes are so cute!! Lol even if they do have old pictures on them, it's a sweet thought. My mom bought me One Direction cakes for my birthday both last year and this year and I'm also 21. I mean, it's nice to look at and it tastes good too :)

ahaha, I know. my moms the cutest! i just wasn’t expecting cupcakes at all! hahaha, also.. just the fact the 1d cupcakes exist. i was just like “why” lol i’mma bout to eat louis (that sounds wrong)

anonymous said:

Top 5 personaggi preferiti di Harry Potter? E perché? :)

  • Sirius: "Non preoccuparti, quando tutto questo sarà finito saremo una vera famiglia." Ti dico solo questo. I pianti!
  • Luna: L’ adoro perchè vive in un suo mondo, è come se fosse estranea alle cose. E non le importa di cosa pensa la gente.
  • Draco: Ha sopportato tutto il dolore e le scelte del padre sulle sue spalle, tenendolo segreto da tutti e tutto. Si è sempre comportato in quel modo per cercare di ottenere l’attenzione e, soprattutto, l’affetto di Lucius.
  • Hermione: riesce sempre a trovare una soluzione ad ogni problema, è unica direi!
  • Piton: Lo shock che ho avuto quando ho saputo la sua storia è stato impressionante; il fatto che nascondesse il suo amore/dolore dietro una maschera fredda è qualcosa di ammirevole.