Master Captain Kelli Farwell and First Mate Sue Walsh of The Water Table return for this week’s installment of The Morning After! After revisiting a prior “Front of House” segment, Jessie Kiefer and Jen Tullock talk to Kelli and Sue about their vessel. Hear how the two piloted the ship from Boston to Brooklyn, and some of the turbulence they encountered along the way. Considering the changing climate, how is the crew at The Water Table preparing for increased storm activity? Hear about the duo’s plans to begin service on the boat this summer, and how you can find out more about their project! Later, Jessie and Jen talk about the Chardonnay’s roadtrip menu as they prepare for their trip to Bonnaroo! This program has been sponsored by S. Wallace Edwards & Sons. Thanks to EULA for today’s break music.


"This boat has been in service for 70 years, and it’s a tank. If any boat of its size can handle the task, this is it." [25:35]

 Kelli Farwell on The Morning After

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"We all make an implicit commitment when we work for any food business that we take some level of risk. Anything that FDA and independent businesses do is all about reducing that risk. There are preventative measures you can take - but it’s not anything you will ever completely eliminate." [3:54]

—Tyler Hawes of The Chef’s Warehouse on Cutting the Curd

Cutting the Curd - Episode 121 - Cheese Supply Chain & Career Advice

This week on Cutting the Curd, guest host Diane Stemple is joined by Tyler Hawes of The Chef’s Warehouse/Dairyland to talk cheese, safety & distribution. Hear the ins and outs of shipping, risk, regulation and delivery when it comes to food. Get an inside look into the cheese supply chain and learn from somebody incredible close to the action. From packaging to plating - take a gastronomic dairy trip through the many steps it takes to get one of the worlds most delicate and complicated foods to your table. What preventative steps can cheesemakers take to make their relationships with restaurants and retailers more beneficial? What problems are on the horizon for small cheesemakers? Tyler also gives in depth advice to aspiring food professionals in regards to education and employment. This is a must-listen for anybody who wants a career in cheese! This program was sponsored by Hearst Ranch.